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Requirements: Arma 2, Lingor Island, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Lingor Island
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2

Date: 2013-07-09 11:22

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Operation Ghost Recon


Ghost Recon special operations team have been called to the Lingor region to assist local officials in tracking down captured British hostages hidden in the region. Officials are increasingly concerned, this entire situation is adding more pressure between British and Lingor ties with both parties embroiled in a long standing diplomatic standoff.

The hostage Intel has been passed over and listed as follows:

Terry Waite (White Caucasian) - Alan Johnston (White Caucasian).

Civilian rebels are known to be a part of the operation involved in taking these hostages, and it isn't the first time. These locals are a rag tag group that are becoming an increasing problem with the influx of arms and armour sales through the black market on the island. Its known this group harbour AK weapons and armour, in what capacity we are unsure right now, and that’s where you come in.

We need to establish what they have in terms of armour and weapons and put them out of action. The most important of all is finding the location of the hostages and getting them out safe.

  • random insertion & island location
  • random events (to be expanded on in updates)
  • random objective placement per play through
  • random patrols
  • random UI texts
  • use of authentic Ghost Recon audio sounds
  • open mission approach
  • oh and not to forget .. random.

  • Details:
    Personal notes:
    This idea was fleshed out from a personal scenario where I wanted to bring back the feeling of a Ghost Recon mission named "The Farm" in OGR1. This is a take on that theme of hostage rescue at night which expanded into a larger operations area and then added too with some more random events and additions.

    This mission is for people who prefer longer stealth type SP game play using cover, a lot of recon/map marking & searching (with a large mug of tea while playing), and of course were a fan of these types of missions in the original Ghost Recon. If that doesn't seem your thing this mission wont be for you

    Mission end only occurs if you as the leader get killed (which is realistic in my book, if your personally dead its always game over just like real life). Mission will not end on failing objectives as I find that to be annoying with an open mission, as far as I see it no missions "ends" you just have an outcome from it and try to get done what you can as best you can.

    The main idea is to have it open enough to retry different approaches (random start and random objective locations change each time) and see what the outcome will be, options at mission start will help on changing the situation around on the next try. Ive made it so its down to the player to have discipline on what to do and how you do it, just dont get killed!

    Mission start
    On mission start you will be presented with a dialogue menu, select your start location (north or south of the island), start time (day or night), team size and then continue.

    Once the mission is loaded go to your map and check your objectives straight away. Most important is to check your "NOTES" and especially "HINTS AND TIPS" this covers everything you will need to know about the mission and things to look out for. Mission objectives, mission details are all found in the same place.

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Future updates:
    New location setting & objectives for the east island location (introduced in Lingor V1.5 update).
    Additional sprinkling of random events and side objectives.
    More script tidying and any fixes as things get spotted/reported and fixes of known issues listed.

    Known issues:
    Some minor RPT reports that will be ironed out on later updates.
    Sometimes (rare) when starting with 4 man team 1 man will be asking "where are you?" due to spawn error. I need to fix it better, for now just restart the mission again.
    Custom sounds on mission start or restart can (sometimes) be loud, DB values have been set but I cant seem to control it at the moment.

    Recommended addons:
    - J.S.R.S. Soundmod
    - ASR AI Addons

    1. You cant arm hostages, you just need to get them out safe as best you can
    2. When you experience "dark nightvision" its under the conditions of no moon and clear sky/no overcast (weather is random also as regards this). Its not bug but a condition that has to be worked with to play
    3. If you want to jumble things on start try different options and simply re run the dialogue to re randomise if you happen to get a repeat.

    v1.2 - (7/7/2013)
    - "LoneWolf" start option added as per Original Ghost Recon (Solo, no team) sidechat dialogue reflects this
    - Boat patrols added
    - Extra help items added to move around inaccessible areas (wont say what or where)
    - OGR music tracks added on dialogue menu and extra start events music
    - Extra OGR music added to reflect end conditions win/fail
    - Set mission so items wont be dropped while swimming to give more approach options
    - Certain south west start spawn positions moved nearer to objectives (seemed a little too far away)
    - Small fire light additions added as helpers when starting in low moon conditions (low moon=less easy/darker conditions using NV)
    - Random flight ambience changed with radius & more random times, could be heard while un spawning with soundmods (JSRS)
    - Radio comms audio for sidechat changed to be a bit clearer
    - Extra sprinkling of ambient 'lived in look' items in certain building locations
    - Colour filter added to daytime only
    - As well as team medic, you as leader are now also medic for healing purposes esp for Lonewolf option
    - Ammo amounts increased more for balance
    - Various script updates to make mission init more reliable incl unit missing from group on start
    - No more mass chicken clucking at dialogue menu (broadcast of all animal sounds when in camera - BIS bug)
    - Mission complete at missions menu was missing and added
    - Having to load mag on mission start fixed
    - Outstanding RPT errors quashed

    - Increased the patrol size overall in all parts of the mission, more tighter patrols in some areas which maybe more challenging, requires feedback.
    - Stationary guards may exist in certain areas (random).
    - Added better visual/audio ambience "lived in" look for rebel areas and camps with extra sounds, animals, scattered storage items to feel more alive and less sparse.
    - Lessened the possibility amount of rebels with NV kit due to patrol changes, for balance.
    - Fixed some problems with patrols not moving.
    - Added extra mags to Ghost team due to raising patrol sizes of rebels for balance.
    - Fixed possible save/revert UPSMON error.
    - Night filter removed so vanilla NV isnt too dark.
    - Minor adjustments on scripts.

    Credits & thanks:
    Following thanks to those who helped on scripting questions (still learning) or scripts used in this mission/sounds etc:

    Bohemia Interactive
    Red Storm Entertainment
    F2k Sel

    Forum topic:
    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - Lingor Island
    - Community Base Addons

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