RAF Puma HC1 Helicopter Pack updated beta
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RKSL-Rock released an updated beta version of the Westland Puma HC1 on the RKSL Studios website.

    Quote RKSL-Rock :
    This addon is a representation of the Royal Air Force’s Puma HC1 Medium Lift Helicopter. ArmA3 will see another incarnation of the models. There will be new models and new versions using the base model both for the UK Faction and IAP mod.

    As with the Merlin, this is still a beta. The updated RKSL Flare System meant that everything else had to be reworked and re-released. So its best just to think of this as yet another Work in progress. It is definitely is not finished yet. You'll have to wait for ArmA3's versions for that.

    This aircraft addon requires two supporting addons, all from RKSL Studios:
    • RKSL Flares System v2.04 (aka RKSL-Radarsys) This adds custom countermeasures to the aircraft.
    • RKSL Core System v2.04 (aka RKSL-System) This is a small common file to allow sharing of scripted functions and systems.
    These are included in the pack. They are also identical to the Typhoon 2.601 package contents.

Westland Puma HC1 v2.010

RKSL Flare System (included)
RKSL Core System (included)

Written on 2013-07-11 15:26 by RKSL-Rock  

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