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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
Signed: No

Short description: A Sequel To Trailer Music Addon 1, 61 Peices of music "by me" for use in your missions & cut scenes

Date: 2013-07-12 06:08

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Trailer Music Addon 2


This is designed for people who wish to make Epic Sounding missions/cut scenes or what ever to keep mission download size smaller and for people and to make it easier to add Trailer Music & FX i decided to make this lil Addon.
[You WONT find any Pirated Themes or Score CD content within this PBO] EVERYTHING IS (C)TheWraith

Track Listing:
    = Royalty Free Music Promo
    = There Through The Fire It Rises
    = A Soldiers Home Is A Battlefield Surrounded By Death
    = May Old Acquaintance Be Remembered 001
    = I Say Detective Was This A Murder or A War Memory 001
    = This Is Our Town Not Theirs So Let's Get Organized
    = The Open Seas - Land Ahoy - Raise The Main Sail
    = Johnny's Letter Arrived 2 Days After Johnny's Funeral
    = The Top Secret Military Aircraft Heist (reprise)
    = People Die Every Day
    = This Is All Thats Left Of The Wagon Train
    = I Thought He Was Dead 001
    = I Thought He Was Dead 002
    = I Thought He Was Dead 003
    = Inside The Ancient Structure 001
    = A Reluctant Hero 001
    = A Reluctant Hero 002
    = A Reluctant Hero 003
    = Yet Another Heist Movie
    = City Of The Dead 002
    = The Motherland 001
    = Lost In The Desert Again
    = The Angels Come For Johhny
    = The UnKnown Traveller 001
    = Poljushka Polje The Motherland 002
    = Sun Rises Over The Town Of Madness
    = Sheriffs In On it.. warn dad.. Ooo Nooo Dads In On It To
    = Wandering And Disoriented
    = Farewell To The Rogue Warrior (inc drums & ambiance)
    = A Story Never Told About An Angel That Never Was
    = Contaminated The Land Cotangents In The Soil 002
    = The Platoon That Fell At Armageddon Ridge
    = In Them Their Hills Be Indians
    = The Doctor Reminisces (Planet Mutron Mix)
    = Looked Back And You Weren't There, Nither Was The Planet (reprise)
    = 31st May 2011 - Yamaha PSR-450
    = Troups Round The Camp Fire 001
    = Awoken From 258 Years Of Slumber
    = Last Known Position In Orbit Around Planet Mutron Com Lost 0800 Hours
    = Look Behind The Waterfall 001
    = Most The Towns Dead What Are We Gona Do
    = Tales Of The Untold Heroes Amongst Us And The Cowards 001
    = The Names Pond.. Fish Pond
    = They Will Out Number Us By Dawn 001
    = Think We Got Them Look The Sheriffs Down
    = Just Found Private Jacobs Horse But That's Who We Sent For Reinforcements
    = Kinda DARK Random Suspense 001
    = The Mutron Happy Ending
    = The 80s Mystic 2
    = Amazing Grace Demo 1
    = Old Langs Ine 001
    = What The Hell Are These Things
    = Walkers All Over The Town Get In and Get Out 001
    = Were To Late Their All Dead 001
    = Untouched After Years Yet You Are Not Alone
    = It Happened Right In This Very Room
    = I Know Your In Here
    = DRONE - Hes Dead 001
    = DRONE - Hes Dead 002
    = DRONE - Hes Dead 003
    = The Devil Knows Blues 001
    = When Your Names Called From That Ledger (DEMO)

Also includes 2 SFX, see enclosed readme for other info

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbos:

I have Included some scripts Simple Method is using this to preview whats here.
The menu allows you to listen to everything in the addon also each name on the Menu is the class name.. not the track name!
Example: insert the line below into a units init:
TMSMainMenu = this addAction ["Select Category","\TheWraithScoresFX2\s\MainMenu.sqs"]

I actually made this addon for OFP/CWA, but i've also tested it using "Armed Assault" and "Queens Gambit" It works on both. It also works on ARMA II and ARMA III, chances are it works with Take On Helicopters if patched to use Arma addons
(included mission template tested on OFP and CWA) script within addon works in all game releases to date of addon publication.

Author notes:
There is a license file also included detailing your rights when using my music in your projects all material inside the addon is (c)TheWraith517 so...
Intros and Outros Sweet Cut Scenes Galore...
Spice Up Your Gameplay With An Awesome Epic Score...

Future plans:
If I create a "TheWraithScoresFX3.pbo" it will not replace this one!
IE: TheWraithScoresFX1.pbo and TheWraithScoresFX2.pbo will be two different addons.
(you keep both of them, so if you find i have made a NO.3, do not delete NO.1 or NO.2)
i will update the TheWraithScoresFX1.pbo with more sfx and environments when i can, until then enjoy the cool music within TheWraithScoresFX2.pbo

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