Author: austin(medic)
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Version: 1.0

Short description: 'Reveals' any object that is within 10 meters of the player

Date: 2013-07-20 11:03

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Reveal Script [BETA]


Since ArmA 3 doesn't really have the best system to reveal objects to players, i decided to make this.
For example, if you wanted to teleport to an ammobox and there was an addaction for say VAS on it, that action would not always appear for anywhere from 30 second to several minutes. This script solves that problem by running a check to reveal anything thats an object that is within 10 meters every 4 seconds.

Installation / Usage:
Put in init.sqf:
execVM "reveal.sqf";

You can change the time before the script does it check by editing the sleep 4; at the bottom of the file to another number. You can also edit the distance of the check by editing the 10 in the fourth line of the script to another number.

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Tags: Distance,   Object,   Reveal