ZGM Arma 3 Terrain Editing Suite by ZeroG

ZeroG released his ZGM Arma 3 Terrain Editing Suite on the BI forums.

    Quote ZeroG :
    One month after the release of the full version of Arma3, I am finally finished with a terrain editing suite that will help to create maps until new development tools will be available.
    Even after release (assuming it will be an updated version of Visitor), the usage of a 3D ingame editor will be crucial in creating beautiful maps fast and without frustration.

    • 895 Visitor 3 templates containing Arma 3 terrain objects
    • Editor Addon to make the (hidden) terrain objects placeable in 2D/3D Editor
    • Custom Import Objects Script for Visitor 3 which automatically corrects the floating/submerge bug of most terrain objects
    • World Tools templates
    • Roadpainting source files for Global Mapper
    • Ready to use example missions and a batchfile to easily access ingame 3D-Editor plus a tool which converts the 3D editor output format *.biedi to Visitor 3 importable *.csv
    • a manual on how to use all these tools (basic terrain editing knowledge necessary)

Written on 2013-10-15 11:38 by Armaholic  

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