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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 0.8a

Date: 2014-01-04 08:09

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Dynamic Universal War System (DUWS)


The DUWS generate randomly a mini campaign, with all the enemy zones to capture being randomly generated.
Or you can also choose to manually place your HQ and the enemy and easily make your own unique "campaign".
The key here is to have maximum replayability, where the player can setup his own campaign or let the DUWS create everything randomly for him.

* Play the way you want:
    - Play as a lone wolf or as a SF team, using support assets and gadgets and perform side missions
    - Control your personnal squad of troopers and fight against the OPFOR
    - Control several squads, vehicles and supports and try to retake the island from the enemy (not yet implemented, since I'm waiting for High Command module to be released(I hope))
    - ...or a mix of all of them
* Pretty much every location is randomly generated on the map, from the HQ to the enemy zones and side mission locations.
* Random side mission, with names randomly generated
* Play the DUWS on any island you want to.
* VAS by Tonic (Armory)
* Several support options to unlock (UAV, Arty, Personnal FLIR, VAS, ...)
* You can define by yourself the HQ, the enemy zones, or just the HQ and let the DUWS generate the zones automatically. You can also let the DUWS create everything by itself. Basicly you decide the level of randomization there is.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder for singleplayer.
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.

You can play with the DUWS on any island you want, you just have to rename the .pbo file.
Example: DWS.stratis.pbo >> DWS.chernarus.pbo

Right now, it's still a bit proof of concept, but it's playable and I'm releasing it mainly to get suggestions and debug help.

No required addons, you can play ArmA III vanilla or use all the addons you want: islands, weapons, gear.
Note that the DUWS will not show addons that adds BLUFOR units/vehicle, since they are added by hand.
However, addons that add OPFOR vehicles will be used, since OPFOR vehicles are taken directly from the cfgVehicles classes.

I just realized the name of the DUWS is a bit similar to the Dynamic War Sandbox. This mission has nothing to do with it, it's just a coincidence.

If you are running the dev build of ArmA III the "dev" files version have the High Command module fully integrated.

How to place manually the HQ and the enemy zones:
See inside the init.sqf more info.

Known issues:
- During the first few minutes of the campaign, you may get an error message popping with something like "'access/' is not a vehicle class", disregard that.
- Generating a side mission may take up to a few minutes on stratis, that's because the island has a lot of slopes.

To do:
*Add side missions to the mission pool (actually only 5 are present)

  • removed the dynamic music (temporary)

  • v0.8a
  • fixed a bug where the player would suffer lag after 30 minutes (temporary disabled music_loop.sqf)
  • removed hq icon (temporary disabled)

  • v0.8
  • added a transparent black background to the dialog interfaces
  • english operatives now have english voices
  • special ability "field surgery" has an animation now
  • removed debug console
  • added a new ability: "logistic support"
  • each time operators receive a skill bonus, deployed operators will get 10 skill points wich can be spent on any skill the player wants
  • for the support "helo taxi", when the pilot leaves the chopper (meaning it's problably disabled), support will be available again
  • removed 1 radio chatter file, to make the mission lighter
  • added new ability: field commander
  • tweaks to the gps marker system
  • added dynamic ambient music
  • minor fixes to "guards.sqf"

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    Credits & thanks:
    Mission made by kibot.
    VAS script by Tonic.
    Thanks to Kempco for the mapsize script.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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