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Requirements: Queen's Gambit Expansion
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Version: Beta 1.3

Date: 2007-10-22 07:17

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Seize zones MP

This pack contains 3 versions of the mission, the only difference is the Island where it takes place.

Three-sided battle in deep forest.
Scale: max AI infantry 84 + AI armor 12 + AI air 6.

Sahrani edition: No addon
Porto edition: No addon (Queens Gambit is required)

How to play:
The first
Go to any zone. And, hold off the enemy's attack in the fortress until assault team on your side comes.

The second
The flag changes if the leader of assault team enters the zone. And, if the soldier takes to a regulated position in the fortress, the occupation is completed.
*This situation is called UC (Under Control) mode, and it is shown by marking the map.

The third
Move near the flag, and transfer it to this team by the action menu. You are included in the count as a member of assault team.
*When the count vanishes, the occupation of the zone is reset.

The fourth
Reinforcement to the zone is automatic. When IFV is sent, fixed arms and the bunker are constructed.
*There is reinforcement from arriving IFV.

The fifth
The raid team is organized from IFV. If the action menu is used near the flag, it can be transferred.
*The duty of the raid team is reset of the enemy zone. It is not possible to occupy it.
*The armor vehicle might accompany the raid team.
*You occasionally serve as the leader because the raid team is automatically reinforced.
*If you become a leader as a crewman, the armor vehicle will be able to be operated.

-The re-armament of the unit that belongs to the zone is automatic.
-If it returns to the belonging zone, the repair and the re-armament of the armor vehicle of the raid team are possible.

Make six zones [UC] mode for five minutes.
*The strategy changes depending on the number of [UC] mode zones. This number can be set on the lobby screen.

Three sides(SLA,USA,RACS) can be selected.

Selectable Daytime. Fine weather.

Place the pbo file in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Future plans:
-Display of occupation situation.
-The number of AI is provisional settings. I want to enable the user to change this value freely.

Change log:
Beta 1.3 - 21.10.2007 - Completion of adding an artillery units.
Beta 1.2 - 16.10.2007 - Completion of initial plan.
Beta 1.1 - 11.10.2007 - Some problems are corrected.
Beta 1.0 - 09.10.2007 - Initial release.

- BIS/BIA for their great simulators.
- Gardinasisland by Alex.Sworn
- Trench Generator / Script generator by Benoist

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