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Version: 1.0 beta2

Short description: This program acts as an intermediary between Arma2/Arma3 and a MySQL or SQLite database.

Date: 2013-09-11 14:12

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This program acts as an intermediary between Arma2/Arma3 and a MySQL or SQLite database. It uses the Arma2NET wrapper system. It is written in C#. The program has to be run on the same system as your Arma2/Arma3 server, however, the MySQL database can be either local or remote. The SQLite database runs on the local machine.


There is also a tutorial video available for download in the above link. It is slightly old and only shows Arma 2 instructions, but the instructions and setup for Arma 3 are essentially the same.

Arma 2 Example Mission:

Arma 3 Example Mission:

The example missions are currently under active development.

This program has had a long history. Initially, the program used JayArma2Lib because DLL injections were the only way to
pass information between Arma2 and the outside. Eventually, BIS added callExtension
which allowed for a more structured (non-hacky) way to pass information. JayArma2Lib switched to this and things continued.
Technically, all that code should still work but the bad
part was all the formatting and ugly stuff that had to be done in game via the SQF scripting in order to get the data into a reasonable
format. It involved iterating through strings and creating arrays and generally was still pretty hacky. Then,
Arma2NET came along and things got better. This wrapper system allowed us to
return nice results back to Arma2 and not have to deal with all the formatting nonsense. I ended up just copying the bits and pieces
that were needed from the past project and creating a new application. Development is all done via the Github pages. In addition,
the Persistent Database Scripts
system as created by [KH]JMan currently uses builds of this program
for saving data.

Development initially started over at AlphaSquad (thanks guys, you rock!).

Please read the Readme.html file provided to get started. The plugin and each mission each have a readme file. There is a lot of information in the readme file and it should have everything you need to get started. If something is confusing or you don't understand the readme, please let me know.

If you have questions of problems related to this program specifically, please post here. All problems related to missions or mods that use this program should be posted in their appropriate threads. Thanks!

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