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Requirements: MAP Editorupgrade (EU), SgS_plot
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-08-14 10:44

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the Memory

Sarge Studio

“It is hard to write what is campaign Memory about in only a few sentences, it’s mostly about it’s story and his gradual revelation. That is why I’m only describe the basic story...“

June 1991 - the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia dissolves. Chernarus is among the countries that seceded.
Conflicts between adherents of the Orthodox Church and muslim minorities begins shortly thereafter.
The army is disbanding, the government practically doesn't exist, fighting has been going on for eight long years.

July 1999 - Russian peacekeeping forces RFOR enter the country. Their task, under the auspices of NATO, is similar to that of KFOR in neighbouring Kosovo - to supervise the distribution
of humanitarian assistance and to resolve security issues. They haven't been successful so far. Citizens of the country perceive the presence of Russian forces as an invasion.
Past differences have been put aside, sworn enemies have become allies for one sole purpose - to drive the intruders out of their country..

September 28th, 1999 - first incident between RFOR and a newly formed CDF occurred. Two Russian soldiers died on the spot.
RFOR isn't equipped for a large-scale military operation therefore they decide to withdraw all remaining forces to the only airport in the country.
Resolution 1244, that was released during an emergency NATO meeting, allows Russia to send more troops and equipment to the country.
Few days later, first troops enter Chernarus and participate in the largest Russian military operation since Afghanistan...

- Type: infantry
- Island: Chernarus
- Number of missions: 11
- Audio: Yes, czech
- ArmA2 version: 1.11

Copy the SgS folder into .../ArmA2
Run it as standalone MOD. Create a copy of file, that you use to run the game and add parameter -mod=SgS, so for example C:\ArmA2\arma2.exe -mod=SgS


Known issues:
For smooth functioning of campaign, there is ArmA2 1.11 version required.
Also PC meeting minimal requirements of ArmA2 is required.

Campaign was also tested on version v. 1.60. Campaign is playable in this version, although some problems appear sometimes, especially in cutscenes. Bad timing, character positioning, etc…

Little request on the beginning. This campaign was created in free time of many people a there were put considerable amounts of finances into its her creation.
Even though it’s supposed to be FREE for distribution. The only reward for authors is fun, which is brought to the players by this campaign, eventually positive comment or appreciation from player.
Despite that, if you would like to support authors in any way, then you can do it here:

This campaign was created by Sarge Studio. Any modifications of campaign and any remake can be done only with approval of authors.
This campaign is noncommercial and it’s meant for free distribution across the internet. So any selling of the campaign for money is prohibited without allowance of author.
If you wish to use any piece of campaign as a part of your own work, please inform the Sarge Studio first and don’t forget to mention it in credits of your own work.
Authors bear no responsibility for anything caused by using this mission. In case of damaging your PC or your data, Sarge Studio or Bohemia Interactive bear no responsibility for it.
You can use this campaign only on your own risk. All characters and events in this mission are completely made up. Any resemblance with reality is unintended and random.

In case of any story, question or problem, don’t hesitate and contact me :
    - ICQ: 297-005-838
    - Email: sarge.Vaclav @

- Sarge Studio:
    - Website

Credits & thanks:
(SgS team)
- Sarge: leader of project, mission design, scripts, camera
- Jan Èepera: design, scripts, 2D graphics, internal test
- Raptor: Czech texts correction, internal test
- LuckyM: "special sound"
- Spawn: flare script
(and others)
- Noorb: primary translator
- Adriana Gajdosova: primary translator
- Mrakoplas: translator
- FFLover: readme translator
- Str: scripts
- Martinius: 2D graphics
- EMSI: 2D graphics
- TheSun: 3D graphics
- Stroman: test

- Mephi: leader of project
- Martina: assistant of leader of project
- V͝a Vanèák: audio correction

(Dubbers in alphabetical order)
Astonov, Beren, Cent, Cupido, Dvoøka, Elfi, Felix, Gabryš, Hanz, Jáchym, Lubas, Martin, Matt.Murdock, Méla, Mephi, WoxMortys, Zady, Zelda, Zekinth

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- MAP Editorupgrade (EU) (Included)
- SgS_plot (Included)

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