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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch (included)

Version: 1.53P
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-07-07 11:55

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Fromz's Feeling ArmA Melioration Mod

All the old ffamm addons (under 1.53P) will be declined by new signature servers!!
* Servers please update the fromz.bikey (recommend)

This mod is a meliorate modification for the military combat simulation game Armed Assault, International community released comprise Version 1.3, 1.3 Perfect, 1.4, 1.41 Perfect, 1.5,And now, It's updated to v1.53P! The FFAMM1.53P include high quality real battlefield sounds, reworked bullet tracers and blood effects.

The similar sound scripts by myself both used and revised in FFAMM1.41p, the great AACF sound mod and HiFi Sound FX, but sounds quite different with this new version.

Hightlight features:
    * A variety of high-quality firearms real sounds improved
    * Various land, air military vehicle engine sounds improved
    * Environment sounds and large-caliber ammunition, firing, burst and explode sounds improved
    * Soldiers and civilians'equipment and footsteps sounds improved
    * Red and green(white) bullets tracers reworked
Copy the @FROMZ folder to your ArmA directory where your arma.exe is located.
(If you have the old version of my mods, FFAMM and China Special Forces mod, just overwhite or delete them)

To edit the shortcut command line:
Find or make a shorcut to ArmA and right click it then select properties.
Find the line that says "Target:" and has something like this:
"C:\Program Files\ArmA\arma.exe"
Then add -mod=@FROMZ on the end so it looks like this:
"C:\Program Files\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=@FROMZ
If you don't know how to setup and maintain your mod folders we recommend you to read our FAQ

If you have the old version of my mods, FFAMM and China Special Forces mod, just overwhite and DELETE ANY OLD VERSION FFAMM!!

Included files:

This is a signed addon, serveradmins can find the serverkey inside the archive.


FFAMM 1.5 trailer by Fromz

This trailer, without any audio post production. I think actual effect in game will stronger than this video trailer, because I didn't record it with sound stereo mix, and some loss of quality.

Change log:
- changed the MP5A5, G36C, M136 shooting sounds
- amended the UH60, Ka50,AH1Z engine sounds
- changed the M4A1SD and M134 fire sound effects (reduce volume)
- added M2, DSHKM heavy machine guns shell sounds
- slightly modified the soldier's equipment sounds in action
- added an explosive sound
- discarded six_blood addon, Because compatibility and game balance not good and some times may reduce PC performance in MP
- discarded M24 and M107 sniper rifles tracers
- update a new "fromz.bikey" for verify signatures server to prevent the bug problem

- Quality of almost light weapon gun fire sounds have been enhanced (M4,M16A2,M16A4,M24,Mk12,M109,M9,MP5A5,MP5SD,G36A,AK74,AKS74U,PK,SVD ... just about all) (M4A1SD,M16A4,M249,M240,PK,SVD,etc)
- Some rockets and missiles launch sounds have been renovated (M134,M197,M2,GAU8,ffar,hellfire,M256, etc)
- Some vehicles engine and environment sounds have been renovated (HMMWV,UAZ,A10,Ka50,Stryker)
- Bullets super sonic crack sounds renovated
- And other various improvement
- Some of the sounds have been big changed, More closer to high quality recording, but different at recording environment.

- Character footstep, equipments sounds
- Interior engine noise of many choppers and aircrafts
- Bullet tracers
- Blood effects

Fixed up:
- Popup error sometimes when connect to MP server

* Fix the problem of ATI graphics users error when use low-resolution.
* Amende two RPG-7 explosion sounds
* Amende two M136 explosion sounds
* Revise six grenade explosions sounds
* Revise sound of smoke grenade
* Revise throwing grenades sound
* Repair of the M1A1, M256 shooting sound
* Improve the body flies surrounding environment sound
* Improve the environment sound of sea during the daylight
* Add a pipebomb explosion sound.
* Improve the Shilka fire sound of ZSU23
* Revise Ka50 engine sound
* Revise the AH6, MH6 helicopter engine sound
* Improve the Humvee engine sound
* Revise G36C, G36K, MP5SD, shooting sound
* Improve AK74 series firearms shooting sound
* Improve M4SPR shooting sound
* Improve the M24 reloadSound
* Improve the PK machine gun shooting sound
* Improve the PK machine gun reloadMagazineSound
* Revise AKS74UN shooting sound

Credits & Thanks:
Polo Fromz | Sounds editor and Scripts
Sickboy | The Permition of 6thSense blood and tracers addons
Zhangpengsir | Attentive Test
And other friends of the BIS community and Operation Halfmmon members for help and advices, If I missed someone, remind me please.

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