Author: Boriz
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: RC2

Date: 2013-11-07 14:10

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The Lost osprey Co-05

Boris Vacula

An MV-22 'Osprey' which was carrying an important cargo and a few VIPs had an engine malfunction and had to urgently land somewhere in the zombie infested Chernarus. Your mission is to locate it and make sure that the cargo will be delivered to its original destination before the night falls. However the exact location of this aircraft is unknown and you'll have to figure out where it is, based on the clues which you'll find in the infected towns.

Accessibility, high replay value, meaningful decisions:
Accessibility means that technically everyone can play this mission. Even Arma 2: Free players, since no mods/addons are required.

High replay value is warranted by the randomization of the main elements of this mission which are:
    - Ammunition/weapon placement
    - Vehicle placement
    - Zombie spawn positions
    - Osprey location
    - Player's spawn position

Making meaningful decisions is the main drive behind the challenging gameplay and that's why I've made sure to support this idea by making this mission non-linear. This forces players to decide on their own where to look for the aircraft, which in the end gives them a huge sense of satisfaction upon finding it. After all, you've found it thanks to your wits and skills!

Put the .pbo file into your Arma 2 (OA, Free) MPMissions folder. Mission name in the server lobby is [CO-5] The Lost Osprey v1.

Author's personal note:
Working as a full time game developer while creating my own complex mission like this one has forced me to spend a lot of my limited free time on this project, but I believe the end result was worth it! I've enjoyed making this mission and I hope you, the ARMA community, will enjoy playing this with your friends, even though it is still a WIP. Now go and kick some dead ass!

Credits & Thanks:
Concept and realization: Boris Vacula
Original zombie scripts: Celery
Testers: breadfan, sunnz93, KillerBAHbKA^HS
Additional support: breadfan

- Significantly decreased the amount of zombies in all towns to make the mission easier.
- Minor improvements and changes.

- first release

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- BI forums

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Tags: Horror,   Zombie