TPW Civs by tpw - Adding ambient civilians and traffic to Arma 3
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Tpw released an updated version of his TPW Civs on the BI forums.
This comes in both an addon version as well as a scripts version.

    Quote tpw :
    I think most of us agree the newly released Altis is a masterpiece, and I have certainly spent many hours on it without even firing a bullet in anger, just admiring the varied scenery and detail. However, one jarring aspect is the complete lack of civilians, which makes this beautiful island feel dead. Given the lack of an ambient civilian module, I decided to try to write a simple replacement to bring the island back to life.

    TPW CIVS actually consists of two scripts: one will spawn civs into houses around the player; the other will spawn civilian traffic onto roads around the player. Civs and cars will then move to random waypoints, giving the illusion of a (low) population. There is no other behaviour, they are just there for decoration! Both scripts will monitor things to keep a constant number of civs and cars around the player, if there are enough houses or roads respectively.

    • Ambient aircraft flybys added.

TPW Civs [BETA] v1.12

Community Base addons A3 (for the addon version only)

Written on 2013-09-14 14:54 by tpw  

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