'Damut' CH-49 Mohawk retexture by Kydoimos
Editing and Scripts

Kydoimos submitted his 'Damut' CH-49 Mohawk retexture.
This is a complete re-texturing of the CH-49 Mohawk, designed for 'add-on-less' play.

    Quote Kydoimos :
    A Re-Textured Version of the CH-49 Mohawk Helicopter, complete with optimised Altis, customisable .PDN Files, decals, interior signs, pilot name tags, and matching AAF combat fatigues.

    The digital camouflage pattern of the 'Damut' has been sourced from the terrain on Altis (colour-picked from different screenshots)and lends an advantage against non-AI opponents. This camouflage has also been extended to the AAF combat fatigues. In addition, the 'Damut' has several User Textures attached to it. These are easily edited in the .PDN files and will allow you to display your name below the canopy, remove the Red Cross insignia, and delete the markings and decals. Finally, there are also an array of interior signs.

Written on 2013-09-05 08:32 by Kydoimos  

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