Author: kibot -edited by Livedeath
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 0.73e

Date: 2013-09-11 07:17

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Dynamic Universal War System (DUWS) - Livedeath edit

kibot - edited by Livedeath

Edited version of the original Dynamic Universal War System (DUWS) [BETA] mission by kibot.

The DUWS generate randomly a mini campaign, with all the enemy zones to capture being randomly generated.
Or you can also choose to manually place your HQ and the enemy and easily make your own unique "campaign".
The key here is to have maximum replayability, where the player can setup his own campaign or let the DUWS create everything randomly for him.

Changes to the original:
  • Enabling new vehicle in player request menu. (Tank/Artillery/Technical/AA-Tank)
  • Changed listing of items in player request menu.
  • Adjusted prices of some items in player request menu.
  • Adjusted command points listing in startmenu.
  • Added Tank Section and Tank Platoons.

  • Installation:
    Extract the folder to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder for singleplayer.
    Extract the folder to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.

    Hot to start:
    If you want to play on another map rename the directory name from altis to any other Mapname.
    (Example: SPMP_DUWSv073.altis to SPMP_DUWSv073.stratis or SPMP_DUWSv073.koplic)
    Start Arma3.
    Start you Editor. Choose Map.
    Load Mission.
    Click on "Preview".

    Credits & thanks:
    Original mission made by kibot.
    VAS script by Tonic.
    Thanks to Kempco for the mapsize script.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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