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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 01-01-2014

Date: 2014-01-07 07:42

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Close Air Support - Day 2



Busy day today. We have reports of multiple organized attacks on island key strategic points.
You're on the roster for CAS duty, so prep a chopper and contact Command when you're ready for tasking.

Task CAS on Command priority. Link up with and assist ground elements on request.
On CAS IP, JTAC will establish link and talk you on target.
Radio request smoke for situational awareness and target ID.
SITREP and SADL coms on UHF Guard.

Set RTB to current task at nearest FARP for a rearm/refuel pad.
Stratis Air Base pad for repair and medical.

- Single Player
- Play as pilot or gunner being called on target by JTAC, or JTAC calling the pilot/gunner onto target
- Several tasks on the island, (Domination style) on demand by radio request
- Random task order
- Random spawn numbers for OPFOR and BLUEFOR at each task (uses SLP, thanks Nomadd)
- Random spawn location
- Refuel/Rearm FARPs
- +Repair/Medical pad at Stratis Air Base
- Repairs have visible mechanics
- Request smoke on target and friendlies from JTAC
- Request ground situation update SITREPs
- BlueOnBlue three strikes (instead of one)
- Cleanup of each area after task complete for performance
- Added the other attack helos
- Custom Command Menu while playing as gunner(change alt, fly to AO, hold position, turn to target, etc.)
- Added the new JTAC soldier models (thanks BIS!)
- 'RTB Winchester' script to make AI pilot fly to pad for rearm/repair
- Random OpFor Helo encounter
- Logistics Convoy Escort - Night Task!

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

GunnerCommands with default shortcut keys:
Increase Alt 50 (W) - (MoveForward)
Decrease Alt 50 (S) - (MoveBack)
Hold (A) - (turnLeft)
Fly to That Point (D) - (turnRight)
Turn To Target (X) - (MoveUp)
Proceed to Active Task (P) - (NetworkStats)
Orbit AO (O) - (Watch)
RTB Winchester (R) - (ReloadMagazine)


- The beginning 'briefing' sequence and 'Message of the Day' board in the mission will answer most questions
- After asking for a new task, look for the waypoint that will automatically pop up for you
- Turn your radio up.. I've recorded JTAC 9line attack order audio. You can't request smoke or SITREP while JTAC is speaking the 9line.. as he won't hear you..
- Choose "set as destination" in the journal for a FARP to get a waypoint for that FARP if you need to refuel/rearm and don't know the locations
- Look for the red target designator for targets being assigned to you by the JTAC
- Helo flight instruction @

  • Make altitude incremental
  • Add shortcut keys to gunners commands
  • Expand pilot vehicle chat
  • Proceed to task.. Roger en route <bis_fnc_taskCurrent>
  • Make all supply boxes allowdamage false
  • Increase brightness on helo signs
  • Make orbit script for each AO
  • Fix stop orbit logic
  • Stop Orbit not working on 2nd O. Put in O script and Halt script.. also put notification that while in orbit other commands won't work.. and/or remove commands
  • Incorporate BIS_fnc_typeText
  • Fix maint for new helo
  • fix barrel sitters at maintpad
  • Replace flares with IRflares on JTAC smoke
  • Autosave on RTB SAB

  • v09-12-2013
  • Fixed:
      - If a truck gets stuck on LogisticsEscort task, the success failure logic gets screwed up
      - If task CampTempest follows task LogisticsEscort, it makes CampTempest fail after succeeding. Workaround: rearm/refuel after CampTempest
      - Curse you, end user that requested logistics escort!
      - Clicking on the map always gives 'on the way' response, which is annoying
      - MaintCrew hovers in the air when type AH9.. must fix array to detect helo type on SAB pad.
      - Helo wasn't listening to JTAC
      - Removed 'On The Way' from map click helo move
      - 'Can Not Comply' CNCing all tasks instead of one in rare cases
      - AIpilot doesn't land on repair pad when told to in rare cases
  • Added:
      - Ambient radio (from real Red Flag recordings from Nellis!)
      - Repair damaged helos (duct tape)
      - Turn to Target will turn to center of AO if no AssignedTarget, CursorTarget
      - Added: more lighting to base for night missions
      - Added ambient jet fighters

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