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Version: 1.0

Short description: This let's you holster your sidearm and makes you appear unarmed when only equiped with pistol.

Date: 2013-09-14 11:48

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Sidearm Holster Script


I needed this for a mission so scripted it myself and thought I'd share. This let's you holster your sidearm (makes you appear unarmed when only equiped with pistol!). It draws inspiration from cly_holster.sqs and an obscure briefcase_carry script.
It saves your magazines and counts current magazine bullets, then removes the pistol, giving it back when using the draw action.

Installation / Usage:
In the init.sqf put:
if (!isDedicated) then
holstered = 0;  
player addAction ["Holster sidearm","arc_holster.sqf",nil,2.5,false,true,"",""];

Known issues:
It is nowhere near perfect and untested in MP.

Future plans:
-keep track of ammocount every mag
-only have action when rockin' a sidearm

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Credits & Thanks:

- first release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums

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