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Version: 0.31

Short description: Moves set of objects from A to B, retaining the direction and distance from a point of reference.

Date: 2013-09-12 22:21

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SHK moveObjects


With this script you can quite easily move multiple objects from A to B without the objects loosing relative positions to each other. That's all it does, basically saves you from doing all the "setpos select 0 + 1.7" stuff.

Installation / Usage:
0: Object or Position Anchor, point of origin.
1: Object or Position Center position to which objects are move around.
2: Number Range in meters to search for objects.
3: Array or String Optional. Type of objects to search for.
4: Number or Object Optional. Direction adjustment. Affects position of objects, not the dir they will be facing.
5: Number or Object Optional. Direction the objects will be facing after they are moved.

nul = [gl1,gl2,50] execvm "shk_moveobjects.sqf"
  nul = [start,destination,100,"Man"] execvm "shk_moveobjects.sqf"
  nul = [[3243,5234,0],gl2,50,["Man","Car"]] execvm "shk_moveobjects.sqf"
  nul = [gl1,gl2,50,[],gl2] execvm "shk_moveobjects.sqf"
  nul = [gl1,gl2,50,[],45] execvm "shk_moveobjects.sqf"
  nul = [gl1,gl2,50,[],45,270] execvm "shk_moveobjects.sqf"


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