Author: worhty85
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.8

Date: 2013-09-15 20:30

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Operation Grim Reaper


Intel reports that the CSAT are conducting biological weapons research in a military compound near Pyrgos. We believe the development of this pathogen to be a serious threat to the faltering stability in this region, as once weaponized it will be capable of inflicting massive casualties as well as destroying the local ecosystem.

We cannot allow this research to continue. Unfortunately the facility is deep within enemy territory and is heavily protected against attacks from the air and a large scale assault isn't feasible at this time. Therefore the powers that be have decided on a more covert option.

- 4 Player Coop
- BTC Revive (Anyone can revive but only by using the Medkit + First aid kit)
- Stealth/Infiltration mission
- HALO Insertion
- Voiceovers (text to speech)

Download the .pbo file and drop it into Steam/SteamApps/Common/Arma3/MPMissions,
It will then be available in your mission selection list in game.

If you die do not respawn using the Esc menu, wait to be revived by you team mates.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Giallustio for his BTC Revive script.
Thanks to all the guys on steam who gave feedback making the mission much better!

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