Author: justokin
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.94

Date: 2013-10-24 08:43

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Kavala Hardcore Insurgency


Project Reality inspired insurgency mode. Nato must kill enemy insurgents to gain intel and cache locations. CSAT must defend their bases/caches and deplete NATO reinforcements.

Use the mobile spawns (FOB/Supply marked in green) as bases. Place static MG and AT around to defend them. Those vehicles are important assets, as they will never respawn.

  • BTC Revive script :
      - Harcore wounding/bleeding system
      - units need bandages, to stop bleeding, morphine for pain, and epinephrine for downed teamates. This can be done with a medkit or a lot of First Aid Kits
      - Multiple spawn points enabled. And you can use the whiteboards/flags at base to teleport to mobile vehicles.
  • Setting up bases:
      - Mobilespawn vehicles have VAS and the ability to place staticobjects near by
      - You can either spawn or teleport (via whiteboard) to these vehicles for quick deployment
      - Use the "Place Static" action on the mobilespawn vehicle ie FOB, to access available static objects. Player must be
      in a 50m radius around the vehicle or base and crosshairs must be pointed to the ground less than 5m away, to
      place an object. Object will be placed on the ground where player is looking.
  • BTC Logistics script -Giallustio:
      - To lift you must be approx 10-15 m above vehicles an appropriate
      - To fast rope Make the chopper be stable between 35m and 5m, then the pilot (player) can deploy ropes, and the
      others players in the cargo can fast rope.
  • Generic Vehicle Service -Jacmac: You can repair/rearm any vehicle and heli at the markers at "Vehicle Station" At deployment.
  • Joiner UI -Iceman77: A small UI that allows players to join and/or leave squads.
  • Mag repack v3.0.2 -outlawled
      - Allows the player to repack the ammo in his magazines.
      - Default keybinding to open the Mag Repack dialog is "Left Ctrl+R", this can be customized
      via the options menu in the Mag Repack dialog.
  • Vehicle Respawn - [EVO] Dan: All of the vehicles (accept mobile spawns), will respawn. Any of the heavy armor/attack Helis, will take a considerable amount of time to respawn. Where as transports will always be available.
  • Virtual ammobox (VAS) -TAW_Tonic
  • TAWs view distance script
  • Jump script (double tap C)
  • 3rd person disabled
  • 7 Random spawning weapons Cache locations
  • Insurgent Bomb Trucks
  • NO AI just PVP
  • There are ARMA 3 support vehicles also repair/ammo/medical, which are marked on the map as such. Bring these to forward positions to be effective. These vehicles can heal units, and repair/rearm any vehicle.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Known issues:
    - After respawning you may be stuck moving, just use the movement key in that direction at it should stop.
    - Weapon caches may blow up on game start. This is due to their random start location
    - Wounding system is working but a little buggy. Use "Check Your Status" to heal yourself and "Medical Unit Check" to heal others. If respawn prompt persists or shouldn't be displayed, hit esc until the menu opens, this should remove prompt.
    - lifting system may be buggy must be precise and cautious
    - =BTC= Cargo is not known to work

    Give this mission a try, I am looking to build support, and find players interested in an immersive gaming experience. I will be updating this mission often and will be looking for help in the scripting department to improve the mission. With some popularityI can make more missions around Altis, that people will join. This is my first user mission so please post a comment of what you think, and If you can, run on a dedicated server.

  • removed all AI
  • updated description
  • added btc logistic
  • added group joiner scripts
  • added bomb trucks to csat
  • added generic vehicle service
  • added jump script
  • added mission parameters
  • other minor changes

  • v0.94
  • Added building scripts, now can place MGs,sandbags, aa, morter, etc
  • fixed supports, now able to call on limited ai supports from base, like artillery and transports.
  • updated player roles

  • v0.91
  • fixed error: missing disableai.sqf and other scripts, now 3rd person is disabled as infantry

  • v0.90
  • added BTC revive/woundingsystem
  • updated Mag repack
  • removed all playable AI
  • updated Intel system- Intel points per kill
  • updated bases at deployment
  • added vehicle respawn and repair markers
  • removed 3d explosive interface

  • Enable javascript to be able to download from Armaholic please!

    Tags: Hardcore,   Insurgency,   Pvp