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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.7

Short description: The famous spectating script by Kegety brought to Arma 3.

Date: 2014-04-11 22:18

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Modified Kegetys' spectator script

Kegety & Ollem

While I was really missing the functionality of the great Kegetys' spectator script in ArmA 3 and the updated versions around didn't match my expectations so I've bit the bullet and made some major updates which do (/should) work in A3.
- Removed a few camera features (e.g missile cam, 1st person cam - they may return in the future)
- Added a new 'free camera' to replace the hard to handle butterfly camera
- Added NVG and thermal (white and black) night vision modes (toggle using n key)
- Map Marker Updates are enabled by default (toggle using h key)
- Unit Tags are enabled by default (toggle using t key)

Installation / Usage:
- unzip file in spectator sub dir of mission folder
- add the following to 'description.ext' file:
#include "spectator\spectating.hpp"
- for manual start call spectator script with:
[player] execVM "spectator\specta.sqf";
- copy 'onPlayerRespawn.sqf' file to mission root folder to overrule seagull and start spectator script

There are only 3 camera view modes, which can be cycled by mouse menu or c (camera) key
- chase: will chase the selected unit - zoom in/out using mouse wheel
- lock-on: will allow you to focus on a unit and circle around by pressing right mouse button and zoom using mouse wheel
- free: travel camera around using w,s,a,d,q,z keys and mouse scroll wheel, right mouse to circle, and press Alt key to speed up, and use ctrl key for turbo mode

Click near a unit/vehicle on map or minimap to focus on this unit in chase and lock-on mode.
In free cam mode the camera is moved to that location.

m key - toggle map - mini map - no map
h key - while on map stop updating markers in case of low perf
n key - toggle night vision and thermal modes
t key - toggle unit side identification
y key - toggle unit combat awareness status identification
h key - toggle map marker update
v key - toggle (temporary 4x) viewdistance
ctrl + v-key - increase viewdistance up to 12km
c key - cycle camera mode
a/d key - select previous/next unit in lock-on and chase mode
1,2,3 key - direct cam switch
f1 - help
esc - close spectator mode
tab - hide hud
w,s,a,d,q,z key or mouse wheel - move camera in free mode (use alt or ctrl key to speed up camera movement)
alt + right mouse button - change FOV zoom
ctrl + alt + right mouse button - reset FOV zoom


- Added first person camera
- space bar toggles weapons sight in first person view
- Auto Action Focus / Lazy combat observer mode enabled for first person view too

- Fixed occasional client crash due to spectator script
- Smoother camera handling
- improved visibility for 'unit locator' color
- Leader identified by slightly larger and lighter 'color tag'
- code optimization

- added Auto Action Focus / Lazy combat observer mode
- Code optimization
- Bug fixes

- Added 'AI combat awareness status' visual info option ( Crtl - t )
- Improved map zoom and map click
- Fixed: Arma 3 client crash while watching a player getting killed in combination with BTC-Revive
- Code optimization
- Bug-fixes

- v-key for temporary viewdistance increase (4x) during spectator mode (v-key in combi with alt-key will increase vd up to 12km)
- All camera modes linked to same location/target
- Code improvements for large amount of AI (faster)
- re-added dead filter
- multiple bugfixes
- new verisoning to allign with ArmA3

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