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Date: 2008-02-16 08:13

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LSD SP mission-pack #1
Lost Soul Division Clan

Contains 5 missions:
    - Itswar 1
    - Itswar 2
    - Lost
    - LSD Campaign SP version
    - The big coop mission SP version
- Itswar1 is a dynamic war missions.. you can do what you want! For example you can talk with every civilian on the map! Or you can blow up some hidden enemy building to reach a other obj... find allys on the map and a lot more... you only got some small battles in it but they are pretty cool

- Itswar2 is heavy mission in singleplayer mode.. there are a lot of enemies which try to stop your attack from hidden positions in the forests and with heavy weapons. You only got some strykers, choppers and a small group of infantry with you... find a way to break trough the enemy lines and take over the sector!!!

- SP versions of coop ones: SLA forces attacked our airfield on south sahrani, your unit retreated to paraiso.
There were not enough time to take the weapons with you, so you only got a AK74 and 1 magazine of ammunition..... what now??? There is only one way to survive... strike back!

Take back the airfield, rearm and repair the vehicle and lead a counter-attack against the SLA forces on the complete map! There is a lot of work to do...

Itswar1 and 2:
    - Dynamic war situation.. everything is possible
    - You can talk with every civilian on the mission
    - Unexpected objects and secondary targets
    - improvised explosive device (IED)
    - Real mission and targets (that means its realistic.. well positioned enemies and not a huge mass of them..)
    - Special scripts for blackhawk (same as in the campaign)
    - detailed missions with a lot of scenery objects
    - you can use cars and choppers how you like
    - Baserespawn
    - Playable as squadleader, gl-soldier, ar, at-soldier, (medic in itswar2) and sniper
SP versions of coop ones:
    - Vehicle Respawn for all necessary transport vehicles
    - Some hidden and acknowledged secondary missions
    - Random ammoboxes with random content...
    - Rearm script... gives the weapon of your class back.
    - Hidden bonus
    - A lot of different primary missions: search and destroy, take back some towns, attack an airfield, kill a person...
    - special functions for one of the blackhawks (drop ammoboxes, medic tents ... )
    - Hidden explosiv devices...
    - Random vehicle spawn in some towns..
    - Enemy spawns with script.. dead body remove (so lag reduced and a lot of enemies..)
    - Playable as each member of the group (GL-Soldier, Sniper, Rifleman, Squadleader, AR, Field Medic, AT-Soldier)
    - Baserespawn for your unit!
Copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\Missions (installation) folder.

Change log:
- Updated missions
- Added Lost mission.

Do not edit this missions without the permission of the author.

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