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Version: 0.2.6

Short description: Articulate uses a set of voice commands to emulate keyboard input into Arma 3 for squad command and control.

Date: 2014-02-25 19:31

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Articulate - Squad Voice Command Utility


Articulate is a custom written voice control program designed for ArmA. It makes controlling your squad simply a matter of saying what you wish them to do.
For example, instead of having to remember that the Open Fire command for your whole squad is ~ 3 1 you can simply say "All, open fire".
For more information on the commands currently available, take a look at the wiki's commands page.

Compared to other voice recognition solutions, Articulate offers the following advantages:
    - Only accepts valid commands
    - Doesn't require pauses between sections of a command
    - Tailored to ArmA's command menu
    - Completely Free

If you have installed using the ClickOnce installer, please uninstall the older version!
Run the installer.

Remember that the NoInstaller version requires .Net 4.5 to be installed. The installer version will check for it and direct you to install it if you do not already have it installed.

You will generally be able to use Articulate by giving the same commands your in-game character gives to his squad. This means that you are able to give commands like "Squad, Open Fire" and Articulate will understand exactly what you mean.

For a full list of available commands, take a look at the wiki. For more information on improving the accuracy of Articulate's speech recognition, read this page.


Known issues:
Squad numbers 11 and 12 do not work.
Will not output keypresses if not run as Admin under Windows 8. Run installer as admin to force the issue.

Future plans:
  • Arma 3 training mission for Articulate
  • Support for different languages
  • Support for custom commands:
      - WW AIMenu- Non-AI Commands such as opening compass, map, etc.
  • Full GUI Command Editor
  • Arma Plugin/Modification:
      - Negates key input
      - Can have own set of custom commands
      - API for other mods/plugins/missions
      - Provide in-game context to commands

The development preview is based on our proof of concept. That means that it is not complete, has not been tested by anyone except a single developer, that it is provided simply to get feedback and to introduce the software. It will not work for everyone and may hinder gameplay more than help it. Improvements can be made massively to the calls to the voice recognition middleware and improvements to the command structure will be made with your feedback.

If you download the developer preview, please provide feedback on the application either in our GitHub Issue Tracker or right here! If you are interested in helping develop Articulate, more information will be available for becoming part of the team later -- but for now, the source code is fully available.

Some things that would be excellent to know:
- Did the installer work?
- Did the voice recognition work for you?
- What kind of accuracy did you get?
- Do you have any sort of accent that could have affected the results?
- Did you try training the speech recognition?
- Are there default phrases that do not make any sense for some commands?
- Are there any phrases that you think should be put in by default for a command?
- What are some macros (multiple commands tied to a single spoken phrase) that you think would be cool?
- What settings/options would you like there to be?

Credits _ Thanks:
Michael Starkweather - Michael is the original creator of Articulate, and he has developed the framework on which it works.
Benjamin Pannell - Benjamin is responsible for the new user interface used by Articulate, as well as the Push To Talk and Confidence Margin systems.

- Added a Swedish translation courtesy of Mange
- Fixed problems with the Supression commands courtesy of Will Hart
- Added automated error reporting code to make finding bugs faster - uses Sentry

- Fixes issues with team selection (Shift + __ Keypresses not registering)

- Spanish translation courtesy of Dj Octacon
- French translation courtesy of Wismerheal
- Display translations names in their localized form instead of English
- Added sound effect engine as well as a default sound pack courtesy of flyingcroissant
- Allows key press delays to be adjusted

- Added a German translation courtesy of Alpha-Kilo
- Fixes to the English translation on the Languages page
- Fixes some UI elements not updating when the language is changed
- Added a context menu to the tray icon, allowing you to close Articulate without opening the UI
- More backend work to make supporting customizable commands possible
- Improvements to the way output operations are dispatched - reduces overhead
- Fixes a UI freeze when adjusting command timeout values

- Support for localization of the UI
- Support for sending compound key presses (not yet used, but means we can make use of Shift + F1 etc. for selecting teams)
- Minor UI tweaks to enhance usability

- New: New command alternate phrases from your suggestions. Wiki has been updated with them.
- New: Advanced settings menu.
- New: Command Termination Pause option. Adjust higher to give yourself more time between words.
- New: Command Key (PTT, PTI, PTA) now accepts combinations of keys.
- New: Can have more than one Command Key.
- New: Command Keys can have mouse keys included.
- New: Should load UI a mite quicker.
- Fixed: Detects Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead.
- Fixed: Push-to-arm now turns off after a second click of the command key.
- Fixed: Crash relating to running Arma as admin.

- New: Installer (you can still choose a No Installer version!)
- New: Metro-themed UI
- New: Listening Modes (Push-To-Talk, Push-To-Arm, Push-To-Ignore and Continuous)
- New: Displays detected phrase on the UI
- New: Can now change the Voice Input's Confidence Margin, which can increase speech responsiveness at the cost of accuracy
- New: Will only output keystrokes if an ArmA game is foreground
- New: Will (hopefully) log crash reports
- Fixed: Now detects best version of Microsoft Speech Recognizer to use (only supports English currently) -- this means the - British should have significantly better voice input and should not crash on program startup

- This should fix the crash on startup if running on a computer that has it's locale set to anything but English.

- This build includes some code cleanup and some additional error reporting (it's still not good at that yet, working on it).
- It also includes handy links to our wiki, our BI forum post, and a new link to provide feedback.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- .NET Framework v4.5

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