FSFGear by ElDoktor updated

ElDoktor released an updated version of his FSFGear application on the Armaholic forums.
FSFGear is a loadout editor for Arma 3.
It works with many different crates, for detailed info see the downloadpage!

    Quote ElDoktor :
    FSFGear is an application which helps players creating loadouts for Arma 3, much like LEA does for Arma 2.
    You can create, save, edit and share profiles.
    Import your own addons configuration.
    It is combined with "FSFGearAddon" which is used to load sets in game.
    Adding command to deactivate FSFGear from you mission or from an ammobox
    Adding new display interface thanks to Kitoon

Written on 2013-11-24 20:20 by ElDoktor  

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