Author: JDog & TeTeT
Author Website:

Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.95 beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: A conversion of the Nimitz from Arma 2 to Arma 3.

Date: 2016-07-10 20:55
Submitted by: TeTeT

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USS Nimitz

JDog & TeTeT

Welcome to the Nimitz for ArmA 3 project! The carrier is based on the outstanding work of JDog with the Nimitz for ArmA 2. The Nimitz for ArmA 3 project is a faithful conversion of his work, with improvements to scripts and textures so far. This documentation is based on the blueprint laid out by JDog for the ArmA2 mod and shall cover the same aspects.

The new carrier is only compatible with Arma 3 1.56 and upwards. Due to Eden compatible inits it doesn't work with 1.54 or lower!

To install the USS Nimitz you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Example missions:
The download contains sample missions for single and multiplayer.
You can download the documentation for the modules from here: USS Nimitz Modules Documentation

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
See the included known issues text file!

Future plans:
o texture hangar3 and hangar4
o integrate sjones objects: pole, weapons platform, IFLOLS addons, Bubble, LSO platform
o teleport out of weapons room, due to bugged weapons elevator

o alarm sound when a vehicle is destroyed in proximity of the ship
o renovate the bridge
o add cameras to different ship parts on the bridge
o add lights to hangar and other structures below deck
o floodable room (not feasible as Nimitz model stops at the waterline)
o air defense system
o radio control tower for approaching planes, broadcasting a landing plane
o working respawn system
o path to forward platforms on starboard and port side
o add a green light at the shooter position for night missions
o markers for pattern area
o wire trap counter, maintenance for wires
o working carrier crane at the aft port section

License / Disclaimer:
This is NOT an official ArmA3 addon and a product from hobbyists, working on this in our spare

The Nimitz for ArmA 3 project uses the same licenses as the Nimitz for ArmA 2: Scripts and textures use the AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike License from Creative Commons.
All models use the AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivs License from Creative Commons.

Credits & Thanks:
o Odyseus for an all new model and approach to the carrier!
o sjones for sounds and testing
o Mr. Ewok for the sound vehicle
o Yanko for the weight on take-off script
o Arindfle for the approach script for AI
o Pennywize for testing
o TheSn4k3 for testing
o Moon_chilD for testing
o Janus for testing
o Lordprimate for testing
o Nimitz skype chat for various tests and suggestions

Honourable mentions and further contributors
JDog - Nimitz for Arma2
piedebeouf - new lights and starting the initiative for conversion
Sealife - pointing to the missing crew
John_Spartan - consulting and arrest script
Phantom - upgraded elevator script
rundll - permission to use his towing script in Arma3
Sierra - new deck textures
armyinf - testing and documentation
BloodOfTheScribe - new interior textures
asbojay - new hull and deck textures
soldier2390 - new hull textures, including secondary textures
rory_pamphilon - top gun mission
TeTeT - some scripts

- add walkway from fore to weapons room
- fix some textures

2016-07-09 config.cpp, model
- added new rooms but geo lod is in the way
- halfway connected fore front walk to weapons room
- fixed Apex crash, nimspots and nimlights have empty res 0 lod now

2016-06-18 config.cpp, model
- added a 'door' to the hull at the fore, kudos to Megadeth
- added preview image for editor

2016-02-20 config.cpp, models
- add new rooms between weapons room and hangar4
- try to fix elevator 3 missing texture
- try to fix geo lod for animated fence at elevator3
- fix road lod on hangar level, introduce new lods

- config.cpp, model.cfg, nimitzfunctions
- add plane type support to ambiance 3 mdoule
- ability to hide/show feelers
- add parking functions, inspired by Tupolov's CUP scripts
- update fn_lights to be independent from Nimitz variable
- icon updated to solid color for Eden
- adjust JBD4 texture, still needs further fixing
- add animation support for the crane

2015-11-04 nimitzfunctions
- hide light lamp via remoteExec on server
- variable setting in ambiance module more robust
- fn_touchdown range for teleporting is a parameter now
- spawn boat in boat room only on server
- decrease debug output for rescue
- re-introduce range for spawning rescue boats
2015-11-03 nimitzfunctions, init.sqf
- replace ALiVE_profileIgnore with ALiVE_combatSupport in init.sqf
- remove debug output from elevator script
- fix flightOps, add requirements check
- set light to amber, make light more bright
- replace rescue system with simple boats
2015-11-02 nimitzfunctions
- only bump objects on elevator, not working for weapons elevator
- improve flightOps script
- add light script for internal lamps
- add flightOps to ambiance module
- rename UGVTractor to Tractor in ambiance
- close, triangulate and sharpen all shadow lods
2015-10-31 nimitzfunctions, model
- removed pipes through weapons elevator, hangar 1
- removed geo lod through weapons elevator, hangar 1
- reversed ladder on carrier 13
- fixed weapons elevator up script by bumping occupants
2015-10-26 dll_tow, nimitzfunctions, model
- added ladder to carrier 13, only works downwards
- fix elevator on dedicated server, using remoteExec
- basic use of towing on dedicated server, using remoteExec
2015-10-25 init.sqf, model
- fix geo and road lod of carrier 13 where the water access platform is
- fix boat room
- use BIS_fnc_MP to call cat and tailhook sync
2015-10-24 config, towing
- add JDG_carrier_spawner to units[], so it can be spawned via Zeus
- added F-14, C-1 Trader and Peral's tractor to towing config
- added ALIVE_profileIgnore to each object that's spawned in init

v0.94 alpha
- changes everywhere in the past 10 months:
- new textures and models by Odyseus
- new sounds by sjones
- adjusted scripts by TeTeT and Yanko

- sounds are played from scripts again for JBD, catapult launch, wire trap, wire snap
- additional missions, including Rory_pamphilon's Top Gun 0.60
- additional documentation
- reduced some texture problems (entry room island, exterior of the boat room)

- removal of global variables for the Nimitz
- adding TTT_NimitzCarriers as global to hold references to all Nimitz class on map
- sripts changed to support multiple carriers on map
- new island textures by ASBOJay

- new deck and hull textures by ASBOJay and soldier2390
- unified colour coding for new actions
- added IFLOLS module
- added fuel module
- updated sample missions
- inclusion of rory_pamphilon's top gun mission
- fixed problems in config.cpp

Removed zodiac
- res\carrier_3.p3d
- removed built-in zodiacs

Updated textures
- replaced interior and comm board textures by those from BloodOfTheScribe

Crew and init
- xtracrew
- removed the Nimitz crew for Arma2, better use FUTARM maritime pack
- scr\init.sqf
- set NimitzScripts to false to see if modules work

- scr\init.sqf
- add NimitzScripts global, if set to false no built-in
scripts are run
- scr\elevator.sqf
- reverted to 05 version, planes and ugv sometimes launch to
outer space

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons A3 [BETA]

o F/A-18 E/F by John Spartan and Saul
o Futarm maritime units by BloodOfTheScribe
o F-14 by Firewill
o Towing by Leshrack
o Airfield logistics by Peral

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