USS Nimitz ported to Arma 3 by TeTeT
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TeTeT submitted an updated version of the USS Nimitz which he ported to Arma 3 with permission from JDog who originally released the USS Nimitz for Arma 2.

    Quote TeTeT :
    With the new arma3 1.56 release the 3D Eden editor has arrived. Time for us to update the Nimitz as well and thanks to Leshrack's relentless efforts the Nimitz is compatible with the new editor. But not only him but others have contributed too: Neptune[LLW] did fix the IFLOLS system a long time ago, but never received proper credits; Tupolov shared his parking scripts for the LHD with us; Foxone provided a new icon for the ambiance module; Janus supplied a new icon for the Nimitz, showing the new hangar layout more properly.

    The changes since start of November, when 0.94 alpha 2 was released, include fixes for the water access platform, fixes to the only single player compatible light system, added a new test engine stand that still needs texturing, add new modules ambiance 2 and ambiance 3 for configurable plane types and in ambiance 3 basic Eden support, add configurable vehicle parking scripts, alter the cat launch process to give vanilla planes a higher vertical launch vector, lifting them over the bumps in the deck, addition of CUP parking scripts, multiplayer fix for the elevators, animate the feelers/antennas and repair the JBD4 texture slightly.

    Some more detailed release notes on the changes:
    • the carrier is freely placeable and moveable in Eden. Be aware that dragging the Nimitz in map view will most likely sink it...
    • [false] call TTT_fnc_feelers; removes the antennas from the first Nimitz carrier on map
    • Ambiance 3 is very early work in progress. You need to remove the module after the planes are placed, otherwise it will be executed upon any changes in Eden
    • engine sound seems to be broken, we're working on a fix
    • the TTT_fnc_park* functions are inspired by Tupolov's parking scripts for the CUP LHD

    The new carrier is only compatible with 1.56 and upwards. Due to Eden compatible inits it doesn't work with 1.54 or lower!

    Last we're looking to get some help in the modelling and texturing department. When you check the known issues list you'll see we have quite a few challenges up there. We're looking for long term commitment of several weeks to months, rather than helping out an hour here and there.

Written on 2016-02-18 23:18 by TeTeT  

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