USS Nimitz ported to Arma 3 by TeTeT
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TeTeT submitted an updated version of the USS Nimitz which he ported to Arma 3 with permission from JDog who originally released the USS Nimitz for Arma 2.

    Quote TeTeT :
    The past two weeks saw quite some activity on the Nimitz. A lot of positive feedback was received on the carrier and the tremendous improvements Odyseus foremost introduced, but also sjones' work on the sounds.

    Nevertheless there were quite a number of issues to be addressed and more than a few still remain. However, we decided to release alpha 2 today. Most work was done on the scripts, where I was reinforced by arindfle who provided a script for AI to approach the carrier and line up. Other improvements include turning on lights at night, adding a flight operations option to ambiance module (very crude at the moment), add ALiVE_combatSupport flags to the carrier so it doesn't spawn twice in ALiVE, improve the elevator scripts, replace the rescue boat module, fix the boat room. Further the model shadow lods were hopefully improved, as well as the water access platform - which still isn't completed yet. Unfortunately the weapons elevator is also not always working. We added basic support for Zeus, so the carrier is spawnable via Zeus, but only in north direction it seems.

    There was also some work done on the built-in towing module configuration to allow towing of more planes and use Peral's tractors. However, with the release of Leshrack's towing script, the Nimitz towing module is deprecated. It will be removed in the upcoming beta version.

    For the beta version of 0.94, which will hopefully be released in first quarter of 2016, we plan to address as many known issues as possible. There are currently no plans to increase functionality of the carrier or make it drivable.

Written on 2015-11-05 18:22 by TeTeT  

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