Author: XxDarkHunterxX
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Version: 0.2

Short description: A simple revive system for multiplayer

Date: 2013-10-23 10:26

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Simple revive system


This is a simple revive system that allow you to revive dead player, and they keep their gear. It is made so you can only revive people if you carry a certain item with you but you can drag or carry someone without this item. The script can be activated in such a way the item is lost after revive.

  • Carrying
  • Dragging
  • Keep gear/ammo/weapon

Installation / Usage:
1. Add the 'revive.sqf' script to the mission folder
2. Create a new file in the mission folder and name it 'description.ext'
3. Add this to the 'description.ext':
Respawn = "BASE";
RespawnDelay = 1;
RespawnDialog = 0;
4. In the editor, create a marker and name it:
    'respawn_west' for blue
    'respawn_east' for red
    'respawn_guerrila' for indep
    'respawn_civilian' for civs
5. In the editor, create a trigger (range does not matter), replace condition 'this' by 'true' and add this to the on activation:
reviveHandle = [] execVM "revive.sqf";

This script have 3 options:
1. 'reviveItem' (object) default : 'Medikit'
2. 'range' (number) default : '3'
3. 'deleteItemOnUse' (boolean) default : 'false'
reviveHandle = ["FirstAidKit", 2, true] execVM "revive.sqf";

Not working in SINGLE PLAYER!
Not working on AI!
Sorry for bad animation, I am working on it

This scripts has been test in co-op mission with 2 players of different type and work great for us.

Change log:
- Carrying system
- Dragging system

- first release

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Tags: Medkit,   Revive