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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 01-01-2015

Date: 2015-01-02 09:49

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Persian Tale


This what you always want, but never were enough brave: be the bad guys and invade a small Aegian country, by the evil Persian armed forces. You are a squad leader in a platoon supported by armors. You tasks are different, but the goal is to occupy Altis, before NATO send more troops.
If you like my ArmA 2 campaigns (eg: Chesty Puller, PIROG, Mighty Justice...) you will like this, because it's not a small team mission: you are not a spec ops guy! You eat spec ops guys with your support for breakfast. Mission as usual: huge battles and you are only a small gear in the box. But a very important gear.

  1. Mazi beachhead: The landing on Altis.
  2. Force Recon: Make more space to invasion forces and eliminate AAF's artillery.
  3. Goose Green: A night assault against a larger town.
  4. Clear: Clear the resistance from our vicinity.
  5. Narrow Pass: Join your platoon again to continue the assault against AAF's North.
  6. Second Front: Sabre platoon got a new order to force a landing at Northern Altis and attack the AAF's back.
  7. Pandora's Box: CSAT won the battle for Altis and Sabre team has to escort a specialist team.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

  • FIX: minor problems due to new BIS patches
  • ADD: MP server option fatigue ON/OFF
  • ADD: in COOP MP no automedic, but AIS INJURY by psycho
  • ADD: in SP you can choose AIS INJURY by action
  • ADD: in SP you can choose turn off fatigue by action

  • v05-22-2014
  • Added 7th mission: Pandora's Box

  • v05-12-2014
  • Fixed: 6th mission APCs not always can land properly
  • Fixed: 6th mission more time before counter attack
  • Fixed: 6th mission End of counter attack.
  • Added: 6th mission Voiceover (TTS)
  • Fixed: 5th mission QRF helis spawn + moving,
  • Fixed: less intensity and quantity of enemy at outpost.
  • Added: 5th mission Voiceover (TTS)
  • Added: 2nd mission Voiceover (TTS)
  • Added: 1st mission Voiceover (TTS)

  • v04-26-2014
  • Added: new mission #6 Second Front

  • v04-19-2014
  • Fixed: All mission: added automedic script
  • Fixed: All mission: rebalance after BIS patches
  • Fixed: All mission: items added in Global to better MP compatibility
  • Fixed: All mission: longer time before deadremove - more time for reammo.
  • Fixed: Force Recon: fix missing Bobcat
  • Fixed: Goose Green: AAF tank instead of NATO.
  • Fixed: Goose Green: avoid search last loon in Charkia.
  • Fixed: Clearing: surrendered VIP freez.
  • Fixed: Clearing: soldiers cannot enter the extract helicopter.
  • Added: Narrow Pass: new, 5th mission

  • v11-19-2013
  • New mission added: Clear
  • Small changes (mostly re-balancing after the Arma3's Survive-patch) in the other missions

  • v10-29-2013
  • Lot of new features and fixes

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