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Requirements: ArmA v1.14
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Version: 3.09

Date: 2008-08-19 18:00

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Domination (1 team) pack

This mission pack includes the following versions:
    - Racs
    - Racs AI
    - Racs Revive
    - West
    - West AI
    - West Revive
    - East
    - East AI
    - East Revive
    - West Schmalfelden version
    - East Uhao Edition
    - West Mando
    - co20 High Mountains (as bonus)
    - co25 Sahrani Battle v3 (as bonus)
    - co25 Sahrani Battle v3 Mando (as bonus)
    - co25 Enemy at the Gates (Corazol) (as bonus)
    - co30 Hill Defense v1.6 (as bonus)
    - co32 Returning Home v1.37 (as bonus)
- 21 main targets (you can select 4 up to 21 targets, 10 is default). Each time the mission starts target order gets picked randomly.
- 22 side missions. Resolving a side mission brings your team extra vehicles like A10, M1, Cobra, etc. (randomly picked)
- Small main target missions (destroy something, free some hostages, etc. Your team can get a Stryker or Humvee)
- 2 Mobile Respawns (medic MTW)
- Mobile respawns and the support trucks can be transported by by your blackhawks (essential feature, fly over it and select Lift Vehicle in the action menu)
- 2 engineers who can repair and refuel the blackhawks and the mobile respawns
- Artillery operator who can call artillery strikes every six minutes
- Rescue operator who can rescue hostages and bring them to your base)
- The driver of a mobile respawn MTW or the pilot of a blackhawk can create/drop ammocrates
- Blackhawks, mobile respawn MTWs and the support trucks respawn
- You can teleport to the mobile respawns or the flag at base if you choose "Teleport" in the action menu if you're near them
- Sometimes if a main target is cleared the enemy starts a counterattack
- Enemy KA50 and Mi17 sometimes appears. The Mi17 drops paratroopers
- A status dialog is available at the mobile respawns and the blackhawks that shows some information about the current target and sidemission
- Some small AI features like dropping smoke if they get attacked and more

Extract the pbo files to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
    - fixed script error in x_checkkill
    - corrected wreck repair point position in Mando version
    - added new bonus mission co25 Enemy at the Gates (Corazol)
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