Campaign : Hammer of Thor by nettrucker updated

nettrucker has submitted an updated version of this campaign where as Vincent Vega, PVT 1st class - 25th mechanized Infantry Division, you have to restore order in Zargabad.

  • Performance improved in general
  • Implemented over 5oo custom speech and radio files
  • Every Mission has his own custom titletrack - 16 custom songs by Alchemy Divine
  • Increased image size of overview pic for each mission.
  • Added debriefing to all missions
  • Missions are starting now with units already on board of their respective vehicles.
  • Fixed issues with Strykers causing friendly casualties during disembarking.
  • In case there are still some friendly casualties due to AI driving it's unfortunate and I can't do much about it. But it has been definitely improved.
  • Player starts with Saw as default weapon during night missions.
  • since convoy driving is sometimes still a mess I've ungrouped all vehicles to gain more control.
  • Reworked all intros and outros and converted them from sqs to sqf format.
  • Added delete waypoint in case a friendly group accomplishes the target before your group does.
  • fixed seIdentity issue in players init field.
  • added some functions which AZCoder wrote. Thanks for allowing me to use your awesome stuff mate.
  • updated readme

Written on 2013-10-22 20:27 by nettrucker  

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