Author: F.Ahlman
Author Website:

Version: 1.2.0

Short description: Standalone server browser/launcher for Arma3.

Date: 2015-01-03 14:29

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Arma3 launcher / server browser


Simple standalone server browser/launcher for Arma3 with support for multiple "launch profiles" with different mods and configurations.
The browser loads about 4500 servers in ~10 seconds.

    - Favorite servers
    - Recent servers
    - Multiple configurable "launch profiles"
    - "Rage quit"
    - Join server or just start the game with a profile
    - Search for a player by name

Keep in mind downloading and/or installing .exe files always is done upon your own risk!
The file was scanned with multiple engines before being added to Armaholic but this is no guarantee!

No installation, just unpack the zip file and run the executable.

Note that the application is still in "beta" and in development.
All feedback is highly appreciated.

- Added - It´s now possible to start the game with a profile without joining a server
- Added - Column for duration online added to list of players
- Added - All filters can now be switched on or off with a single button
- Added - Filter for 'Game Type', 'Locked', 'Full' and 'Difficulty'
- Added - Ability to filter servers by player
- Added - Column order is now persisted, this includes sort order & width
- Added - Columns that are not of interesent can now be hidden
- Added - Ability to copy launch profiles
- Added - Ability to sort the list of players
- Added - Progress indication shown while loading servers
- Added - Ability to configure if you want to filter favorite and recent servers
- Added - It´s now possible, for advanced users, to tune query performance
- Fixed - Some bugs here and there
- Fixed - A lot of UI improvements and redesign
- Fixed - Overall performance

- Fixed - Change server query protocol to Steam instead of Gamespy

- Added - Ping is now displayed in steps of 16
- Added - Added filtering option for verify signatures
- Added - Ping and countdown indication added to join game dialog
- Added - Wait for free slot before joining a server
- Added - About dialog with version information
- Fixed - Resolved an issue with no servers displayed on x64
- Fixed - Wrong status icon displayed in grid for unreachable servers
- Fixed - Fixed issue with loading servers while not connected to the internet
- Fixed - Fixed issue with large UDP packages

- Breaking change - Favorite and recent servers from the beta release will be lost
- Added - Favorite and recent servers are now always shown
- Added - Changed server query interface
- Added - Functionality for checking for new updates
- Added - Ping is now implemented for all servers
- Fixed - Changed thresholds for server connectivity status (its now 50, 100, 150 and 200)
- Fixed - Minor style changes

v0.9.1 Beta
- Added - Functionality for removing a server from recent
- Added - It´s now possible to filter servers based on map name
- Added - Pinging of favorite and recent servers
- Added - Add server to favorites is now available in the toolbar
- Fixed Duplicate name column in list of players

v0.9.0 Beta
- First public release

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