Arma3 launcher / server browser by F.Ahlman updated

F.Ahlman submitted an updated version of his Arma3 launcher / server browser for Arma 3.

    Quote F.Ahlman :
    Simple standalone server browser/launcher for Arma3 with support for multiple "launch profiles" with different mods and configurations.
    The browser loads about 4500 servers in ~10 seconds.

    • Favorite servers
    • Recent servers
    • Multiple configurable "launch profiles"
    • "Rage quit"
    • Join server or just start the game with a profile
    • Search for a player by name

    • Added - It´s now possible to start the game with a profile without joining a server
    • Added - Column for duration online added to list of players
    • Added - All filters can now be switched on or off with a single button
    • Added - Filter for 'Game Type', 'Locked', 'Full' and 'Difficulty'
    • Added - Ability to filter servers by player
    • Added - Column order is now persisted, this includes sort order & width
    • Added - Columns that are not of interesent can now be hidden
    • Added - Ability to copy launch profiles
    • Added - Ability to sort the list of players
    • Added - Progress indication shown while loading servers
    • Added - Ability to configure if you want to filter favorite and recent servers
    • Added - It´s now possible, for advanced users, to tune query performance
    • Fixed - Some bugs here and there
    • Fixed - A lot of UI improvements and redesign
    • Fixed - Overall performance

Written on 2015-01-03 14:36 by F.Ahlman  

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