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Version: 1.2

Short description: With this template you can easily create your own bases for your missions.

Date: 2013-10-27 17:04

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Make your own fob


My first template for arma3. I called it "make your own fob".
You tell me why?
I saw a lot of people on arma 2 use certain parts of my various templates.
So why not go faster for arma3 and make a multitude of compositions that each can create a base or simply use it in Mission.

  • Bastion wall:
      - Very small with sandbag
      - Small bastion wall 1 with barbewire
      - Medium bastion wall 2 meters high with barbewire
      - Heavy bastion wall 3 meters high with barbewire
  • Bunker:
      - Very Small Bunker for 5-6 people
      - Small Bunker for 10 people
      - Big Bunker for 20 people
      - 2x Small Bunker for 2x 10
  • Aircraft Shelter with bastion wall
  • Mortar sandbag site
  • Arty bastion wall site
  • Heavy Tower
  • Small military office
  • HQ office

It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

- added Heavy Tower with sandbag
- added Heavy Tower with sandbag and 2 MG
- added Mirador with MG
- added Checkpoint
- added Bastion wall for helicopter
- added concrete wall for helicopter 1
- added concrete wall for helicopter 2
- added earth wall for aircraft

- first release

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- BI forums

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