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Version: 0.9

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Date: 2006-11-16 15:14

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Sickboy is pleased to announce the release of the v0.9 patcher program

I am pleased to announce the release of the v0.9 patcher program...
This is version v0.9 which is converting the complete ArmA Czech or German version v1.02, aswell as the german downloadversion, to English, INCLUDING the Multiplayer Missions and Editor Templates, INCLUDING the SP Missions/Campaign Briefings/Overview!!!!

As some people were complaining about the complexity of the patching, I changed to the PatchWise program that s_hole recommended, thanks again, since v0.7!

This Patch is known to work with ArmA Versions :
LANG: German, Czech

How do I get my game patched up to ArmA v1.02?

Method A :

Take back the original files from Patchwise.bak folder in your ArmA folder, and overwrite the files in your ArmA folder with them

If you used the chopper patch, put back the Addons\air.bak to Addons\air.pbo or if you have a backup yourself... put that one back

Patch v1.02

Method B :

Reinstall the Game
Patch v1.02
Play & Wait for my upgraded patches


Why don't you just release addons instead of patches??

We are very sorry for the (minor) complexity of the installation, but we, as we are only fans just like you,
wish to be on the safe side concerning Copyrights etc., nor want to piss off anyone, that's why we choose this road!
Idea Games noted that distributing edited versions of official original ArmA game content, could result in lawsuits.

Which files need to be put back to succesfully upgrade to the Official ArmA v1.01 patch?

    - arma.exe
    - Addons\Language.pbo
    - DTA\bin.pbo
    - Campaign\ca.pbo
    - Missions\*.pbo
    - Missions\Tutorial\*.pbo
    - MPMissions\*.pbo
    - MPTemplates\*.pbo

You can copy these files from your dvd, back into your installation folder.
Some files are packed as .GZ(ip), you need to unGZIP them with WinRAR (, I personally use Total Commander for that ( though, also heard some ppl are having trouble with WinRAR. If you don't wish to do the hassle or it doesn't work; Reinstall the game and then apply patch v1.01

So will the Czech/German version have English Dialogue inside? What version must I buy now that will incorporate the English voices in-game?

All Voices are in English, in all versions of ArmA, except some reporter voices .. which have subtitles anyway, which gives it a nice foreign country feeling anyway

Ok i have the German version and wanted to know when i uninstall the game, will all these patched files be deleted with the uninstall.

When you uninstall the game, these files probably remain in your ArmA folder. As there is no user data in the ArmA folder, it is safe to assume that you can just remove the ArmA folder with Windows Explorer from your harddisk.
All settings and other configuration data is in your Windows Profile & Documents.

Version History :
- Patcher now only Supports ArmA v1.02
- Fixed minor issues
- Fixed the German Training missions (Thanks to ThePredator)
- Fixed the Czech SP Templates
- Switched to PatchWise Program, ditched the .bat Files (Thanks to S_Hole for the idea)
- Fixed problems with Campaign not showing up...
(Pleaseput original files back, install bis 1.01patch, install this patcher)
- Patcher now only Supports ArmA v1.01
- Changed the prefix of the file names
- Stored all .bat files in the @6thSense\Tools folder instead of spread around!
- Partially using xdelta.exe patcher program (Will go into it fully when I have more time)
- Added Patch Support for German version of ArmA
- Also Patches the ArmA Editor SP/MP Templates and Multiplayer Missions
- Fixed Bug in the manual tutorial patch.
- Fixed Bug that only caused some patch info not to show up in some bat files
- Fixed Bug in the readme, links.htm and .bat files (BIS Forum Thread link)
- Also Patches the ArmA SP Briefings & Missions from Czech into English
- Initial version; Included the automatic patching of ArmA Czech into English

[oramge]Translation and Spellchecking Credits :
- Alx
- Head2000
- Tom KQT
- My_Shortcoming
BIG Thanks to those that were involved! Remember, give credit where credit is deserved!

Special Thanks & Salute to :
S_hole for coming up with the PatchWise idea!
Bohemia Interactive Studios for their great games and 'not from this world's mod(ability)' support!
All Addon/Mod/Mission Makers or other contributors to the Flashpoint/ArmA franchise!

Disclaimer :

Nobody will take any responsebility if these files blow up your computer, or turn your dog into a bat, etc. Use at own risk!

This release is NOT affiliated with Bohemia Interactive Studios, Idea Games or any other ArmA official in any way, nor are these files in any way supported by them.

The package or any parts of it will never and may not ever be used to acquire money or other kinds of profits/gains.

The package may be freely distributed when all included files are kept intact, in original state, as long as proper credits are given!

Individual distribution of any of the included files except this Readme file is strictly prohibited!

Any public (re)release done by others is strictly prohibited!

None of the included files, or parts of these files may be used in other projects without specific authorization!

The used Patcher Program is PatchWise Free from Hanmen Software ( All Rights Reserved to the respective owners.
* Armed Assault/ArmA, Copyright by Bohemia Interactive Studios & Idea Games (All Rights Reserved to the respective owners)



Notes & Warnings :

ALWAYS backup files that you are going to edit, move, replace, etc. etc.

DO NOT use WinPBO/PboX/etc. to unpbo Armed Assault datafiles... you WILL have corrupted files.

Eliteness (Make/De)Pbo program

Method A :
(unpacking and repacking the pbo's):
Unpbo the Addons\languages.pbo and DTA\bin.pbo with the Eliteness tool
Edit the stringtable.csv's (There are many in folders in languages.pbo) and

Replace:Code Sample

With:Code Sample

(You can also put "Czech" on the place of "German" or "Polish" or "Russian" instead of "English", to get those languages)

Repbo the languages.pbo and bin.pbo with Eliteness tool

Method B : (just editing the pbo files in e.g. editplus):

Open Addons\Lanaguages.pbo and Dta\bin.pbo in an editor

Search and Replace (CTRL + H usually):Code Sample

With:Code Sample

(You can also put "Czech" on the place of "German" or "Polish" or "Russian" instead of"English", to get those languages)

Save the files

Same goes for MULTIPLAYER missions, they have also English included stringtable, and even briefings and overviews!
For now I just unpbo'd them, replaced the briefing.czech and overview.czech by the english ones, edited the stringtable.csv as with the rest of the game and voila.

The stringtable files are exactly as with Flashpoint, there is just not a working setting that we can change, to switch language,... so far..., since in the arma.cfg, there is already: language=English, and nowhere else I can find a config setting for language etc.

Enable javascript to be able to download from Armaholic please!

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