Mikero's Dos Tools updated

Mikero informed the community on the BI forums he released updates and additions to his Mikero's Dos Tools.

    Quote Mikero :
    The Dos Tool kit contains over twenty different exe's to ease the burden, chief among them:
      - Make/ExtractPbo
      - Rapify/Derapify/LintCheck
      - ConvertWrp
      - MoveObject
      - Eliteness
      - Powerful lintchecking
      - Make and extract pbo's

    The heart of all Dos Tools and Eliteness is dePbo.dll. This dll is in a continuous state of refinement, and has been consistenly upgraded for past 5 years. DePbo.dll is the 'driver' behind most of Mikero's tools.
    It is intended to be a non-reinventing-the-wheel service so that any application can access one, well proven, decompression algorithm (eg), rather than re-writing or pasting the source code again and again into different exe's.

    • updates to dep3d and friends (eliteness) for better decoding of arma3 p3d's
    • pboProject which replaces BI's binPbo / AddonBuilder and builds islands 'correctly' The bis equivalents cannot do so without some serious stuffing about.
    • improvements to deKey to ensure correct version2 bisign files (*some*) arma3 alphas were occasionally incorrect.
    • small fixes to dews to properly decode (and encode) stereo channels. Eliteness now uses this decoder to autoplay wss files

Written on 2013-12-03 09:14 by mikero  

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