Author: syncie
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Version: 1.1

Short description: Template recreating a Dutch Compound

Date: 2013-12-14 19:12

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Kamp Holland


It's compound build around a airstrip on Altis, so the start is not from the main airfield. It has no heavy armor (except one piece artillery) but of course you can place your own vehicles/units if you like.

  • Dutch Marsof Units Addon (Maritime Special Operations Forces)
  • Four R/R/R servicepoints where you can Repair, Refuel and Rarm
  • NH90 helicopter with open/close ramp to load and unload your troops

  • Installation:
    Extract the content in your "my documents/arma 3 profile/mission" folder.

    Credits & thanks:
    Jw for the Dutch Marsof Units
    Xeno for the R/R/R servicepoints
    Zigomarvin for the NH90 helicopter

    - I have added compound ambience lights
    - The airfield has runwaylights, for nightly missions.
    - Removed the option to control the cargodoor from the NH-90 helicopter (it was working only on dedicated server)
    - Added the Patria AMV vehicle from the updated MARSOF Addon (version1.1).
    - Added a non addon version of the template, it has also the runwaylights and no need for the MARSOF addon.

    - first release

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Dutch MARSOF Units

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