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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Alpha 1.0

Short description: This set of scripts add several actions to a vehicle that are visually represented by an object that is attached to the vehicle.

Date: 2013-12-19 04:47

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Stump's vehicle resupply/cargo scripts


This set of scripts add several actions to a vehicle which are visually represented by an object that is attached to the vehicle with the hope of increasing the value and experience.
An example, an ammo crate mounted on the side of an APC.

At this time only a limited number of blufor vehicles have been incorporated including:
  • QuadBike (there are six versions of the quad bike, each one compliments a soldiers role such as "AT" soldier or "UAV" Operator)
The ammo crates and fuel cans do function as intended where applicable.
If desired, vehicles can re-spawn using BIS's vehicle re-spawn module with items attached and ready to go. (see sample mission for details)

Installation / Usage:
Start arma 3 and open the editor. Create a new mission, place a soldier down as "player", name the mission what ever you feel like and save it.
Now locate the mission folder that you just saved/created in your "arma 3 - other profiles" folder. For me the path to editor created missions goes something like this:
Once the desired folder is found copy and paste the "int.sqf" document and the "re-spawn" folder from the provided example mission in to your mission. Now enter your mission in the arma 3 editor and place a vehicle from the
above list.
For these directions I will use the HMG MRAP. In the MRAP's "int" field put:
null = [this] execVM "respawn\resupply_mrap.sqf";
Preview the mission and the mrap should have fuel cans and ammo crates attached to the side of it.
For adding the re-spawn function open the "modules"(F7) tab then locate the "vehicle re-spawn module" under "multiplayer" so the path goes like this "Modules"\"Multiplayer"\"Vehicle Respawn".
Place a vehicle re-spawn module down and name it what ever you want. I will name mine "veh1" now in the "Expression" field put:
null = [name_of_your_vehicle_respawn_module] execVM "respawn\resupply_mrap.sqf";
so mine looks like this:
null = [veh1] execVM "respawn\resupply_mrap.sqf";
finally "synchronies"(F5) the re-spawn module to the MRAP and place the MRAP on top of the module.
Each vehicle will require its own uniquely named vehicle re-spawn module. For instance
if there are 3 MRAPs three vehicle re-spawn modules are needed with three different names. See the example mission for more details.

Known issues:
This is my first stab at scripting so I know this set of scripts is far from perfect and can and will be improved.
- Some times upon re-spawn ammo crates attached to vehicles smoke for several seconds like they are going to self destruct. This does not appear to harm the parent vehicle, ammo crate or affect the ammo crate function.
- when driving a quad in first person and objects are attached to the front rack the attached objects appear to be floating in front and below the rack of the quad.
- The scripts have not been tested on a dedicated server.

Future plans:
* More vehicles from every faction included in scripts.
* A garbage collector script is still needed for deleting objects from destroyed vehicles.
* A script for reattaching items to vehicles, like launchers on the quads.

My big picture goal is to add a GUI for both vehicle and backpack functions. Think of the soldiers inventory system but applied to vehicles and ruck sacks. So say you open your ruck sack inventory GUI and if the ruck sack is large enough you see a helmet slot, primary weapon slot, and an assault backpack slot just like your aviators inventory. When an item is in a slot, for instance a primary weapon is in the weapon slot on your ruck sack it will be attached to your ruck sack for everyone to see. allowing you to carry two primary weapons. Same goes for vehicles but with more appropriate items like ammo crates and fuel jugs. I also plan on making some new models that more accurately represent some objects such as a vehicles mounted weapon ammo crate.

Credits & Thanks:
First a big thanks goes to BIS for fostering such a supportive community.
Kylania's web sight with all those example scripts was a huge help.
Killzone Kid's tutorials was also a big help.
Br. from the armaholic forums for his help
The Magnificent Bastards Tactical Action Group for their kick ass Network

v1.0 Alpha
- first release

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- Armaholic forums

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