JSRS 2.2 released
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LordJarhead informed us he released version 1.0 of his JSRS2.2 soundmod on the BI forums.
This is a release where LordJarhead packed all previous patches and the older fyll version in one so the full package is completely up to date. No additional patches need to be downloaded anymore.

    Quote LordJarhead :
    J.S.R.S. is a Sound modification. This sounds less exciting at first than it is, doesn't it? Oh, but it is much more than just your typical sound modification. Simply because not only does J.S.R.S. essentially offer toally new sounds for ArmA 3,
    but offers much more in that it also extends the game with new sound-based features in-game which were originally
    though not possible.

Written on 2014-07-19 11:52 by LordJarhead  

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