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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.021
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Drongo's Artillery is an artillery addon for Arma 3 (both SP and MP supported). It is heavily based on CoC Unified Artillery for OFP.

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Date: 2019-06-17 08:47

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Drongos Artillery


Drongo's Artillery (DRA) is an artillery addon for Arma 3 (SP/MP). It is based on CoC Unified Artillery for OFP. It puts AI-controlled batteries of artillery under player control. A degree of skill is both required and rewarded by the system.

DRA requires some degree of map-reading and the ability to call adjustments. The rounds are not spawned in, the artillery assets are given target coordinates, calculate the aimpoint based on various factors and fire real shells. The doArtilleryFire command is not used, so it is possible to select both high and low angle fire for most assets. The BIS, RHS and CUP assets are supported.

Third party addons should also work but have not been tested. Simply place assets on the map and they will be available to the appropriate side. To access the artillery system, hit your "HOME" key (this can be adjusted under CBA options). A radio is required to access the system. The default radio, ACRE radios and Task Force Arrowhead radios are all supported by default (others can be added).

Each side is partially voiced. NATO features edited lines from Generation Kill, REDFOR and INDFOR feature edited sound files from Arma 3.

To install Drongo's Artillery you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage and information instructionss of how to use Drongos Artillery please refer to the included documentation.

Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with xxxxxxx:
- Tao Folding Map

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Credits & Thanks:
YonV: Heaps of testing and very helpful input
CoC: Unified Artillery for OFP, the system this is based upon
Drongo: Development and scripting
Chops: Testing, design help
James: Testing, design help
Zodd: Testing
D.Smithy: Real-world artillery knowledge, testing
Rydygier: Box sheaf script
Kawa: Localization code, French localization
Thanks for MaHuJa and BlackAlpha of for writing code to prevent the "rounds drifting to the north" bug

License / Disclaimer:
The rights of any 3rd party scripts used in this work belong with the owner. I do not and have never claimed ownership over the work of other people. All 3rd party scripts are used in good faith.

You must receive my permission to use any of the scripts, configs, concepts or designs of this addon in the development of other projects.
You may not distribute altered versions of this addon.
You may not use this addon or any derivatives thereof in any way for monetary gain.
You may not use this addon or any derivatives thereof as part of any submission to any contest of any kind.
You may not port this addon to any other game (it may ONLY be used with Arma 3).
You may not use this addon with VBS, VBS2, VBS3 or any similar product.
You may not re-upload to Steam.
You may not use this addon in any way if you are R0adki11.
You may not use this addon in any way if you are BohemiaBeck.

If you need an exception, contact me.

Added: Interval between rounds

Fixed a compatibility problem with DCE and a script error when selecting next tube.

Public release
Complete rewrite and overhaul of the code
Changed: Combined Assets and Aimpoint dialog
Changed: Replaced scripted airburst with shells configured for airburst
Changed: Options are now set in a single module
Improved: Shell guidance
Removed: Artificial inaccuracy
Added: Module option to disable VCOM for arty groups
Improved: Generic profile (for non-vanilla assets)
Added: "Assisted" mode (setVelocity) to deal with recalcitrant artillery pieces that won't fire on target
Fixed: Illumination rounds
Fixed: Debug mode by default
Fixed: Force Release not working
Fixed: Mark shells on by default
Fixed: Assets never lost BSY status
Fixed: Grid reference error
Added: Choice between 8 digit or 10 digit grid reference
Added: Assisted Accuracy to rectify inaccurate BIS rocket artillery
Added: Module Option to apply Assisted Accuracy to all assets
Fixed: CUP M1129 allowed low angle
Fixed: CBA key required rebinding every mission


Increased possible range for polar missions to 10,000

Added polar missions
Adjusted aimpoint UI

Reworked the profile for rocket artillery due to BIS changing the muzzle modes
Re-added Low Angle to rocket artillery
Dramatic increase in rocket artillery range
Support for the new AAF MLRS

Fixed bug with adjusting fire (was multiplying dtaXspotter twice)
Automatic inputting of the spotter's position is now turned off (mapclick will automatically input it though)
Cosmetic dialog changes

Self-guided shells semi-implemented (can't get them to reliably hit the target, they often miss by a few meters)
Other stuff I can't remember

- Massive bughunt to further reduce the "drifting rounds" bug (99% gone in my testing)
- Overhaul of the dialog
- Added a new module "Mark Guns" for debugging (marks individual tube facing, both vehicle and turret)
- Added basic scripted damage to Reyhard's WP rounds
- Removed inaccurate low angle option for M5s
- Disabled accessing the dialog if the player is dead
- Added a simple mod logo
- Various minor tweaks

- Changed locality checks

- Changed ballistic arc calculation to use a real-world formula for calculation (huge thanks to Coding for this)
- Reworked all profiles to use the new arc calculation system
- ETA and splash now use arc system to calculate time to impact
- Improved auto-detection
- Hard-coded support for RHS BM-21 (currently high-angle only)
- Fixed bug with manual aimpoint entry not working
- Added delay based on angle and facing before firing shots
- Various small fixes

- Fixed a problem with OPFOR assets not showing up in the system

- Allowed control over each individual tube in a battery
- Redesigned dialog
- Added code to prevent some of the "drifting rounds" bug (big thanks to MaHuJa and BlackAlpha of
- Made the system automatically detect most (all?) 3rd party artillery units
- Removed most of the hard-coded unit detection code
- Added distance and gun-target line to the dialog
- Added ability to exclude groups using the array dtaExclude (add group, leader vehicle or leader vehicle classname)
- Removed doArtilleryFire commands for preloading ammo as this command is still hopelessly broken
- Added a new module called "Track Rounds" to help with testing
- Changed locality check for firing from server to whereever the asset is local
- Redisgned the repeat mission system so only a single dialog is used
- Reduced report spam
- Added elevation of target and selected asset to the main dialog
- Added dta_fnc_PlaceMarker for testing purposes
- Fixed a bug in Tube.sqf that prevented sheafs from working properly
- Dramatically increased the speed of MLRS firing
- Added an M4 Scorcher to the AAF
- Added an M5 MLRS to the AAF
- Added M4 Platoon, M4 Section and M5 Section to the AAF
- Changed cfgPatches entry from dta to DrongosArtillery (may require deleting the addOns[] and addOnsAuto[] entry from mission.sqm files to update missions)
- Added debug markers for adjusting fire when dtaDebug is true
- Tweaked the adjust code a little (seems to be working reliably now)
- Brought back the XMIT button

- Fixed airburst not working
- Fixed menu selections not saving
- Made it possible to restrict users by class and/or unit
- Added the ability to set which audio is used for each side
- Reduced the default time to process the first round of a firemission from 60 + (random 30) to 30 + (random 30)
- Improved initial loading time
- Tweaked mixed impact/airburst to alternate by odd and even numbered tubes in a battery
- Added support for Reyhard's M119 (don't know where it went the first time)

- Partial French localization (all done by Kawa)
- Added support for Reyhard's M119 (thanks to K4ble for reminding me to add this)
- Added an option to use mapclick to input coordinates (can be disabled with a module)
- Removed the "Elevation" option from the dialog as it does not work
- Added support for weapons that inherit from Reyhard's Static Weapons

- Added support for RDS Static Weapons Pack
- Implemented CBA_fnc_registerKeybind functionality so users can bind their own key
- Removed double-clicking a radio to open the dialog

- Fixed TFAR compatibility
- Increased mortar and howitzer HE shell lethality to attempt to match real-world values (may do too much damage against non-personnel targets now)
- Tweaked configs to change the dispersion of BIS shells to almost zero (all dispersion is handled at script level)

- Made tube detection less reliant on the display name (which causes errors with non-English versions)
- Fixed dialog errors (listScrollBar, colorFocused, colorBackGroundFocused not defined)

- Added a check to \Dialog\Transmit.sqf to prevent a battery from being given multiple fire missions at the same time (possible cause of the "drifting rounds" bug)

- made some progress on the "rounds drifting way off target" problem.

- Added dta_fnc_HasRadio to check if the player has a radio
- Fixed a bug with \Misc\CommsPlay.sqf not detecting player radio

- Added support for dedicated servers (hopefully)
- Added support for TFAR (hopefully)
- Tried to add support for ACRE

- Changed to an 8 digit grid reference
- Stopped the MTO message for all except the first round (side chat will still appear for FFE)
- Added a "Return to Assets" button to the aimpoint and control dialogs
- Last dialog is now remembered
- Added an "End Of Mission" button which releases the asset and closes the dialog
- FFE no longer automatically releases the asset (must manually select End Of Mission)
- PLOT no longer automatically releases the asset (must manually select End Of Mission)
- Adjusted MLRS fire speed
- Adjusted time between mortar rounds to 10 seconds (was 5)
- Changed the way "rounds complete" is called (was using an estimate of time, now called by the asset itself when the final round is fired)
- Added a "Help" button to the aimpoint dialog
- Added a dedicated key to access the dialogs (Windows app key by default, change in the userconfig file)

- first release

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