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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.3

Short description: This script randomly generates IED's.

Date: 2014-04-08 09:35

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Randomly generated roadside IED's


This script randomly generates IED's.
There are currently 4 types of IEDs:
  • Secondary IED
      Designed to kill first responders after the other IEDs goes off.
  • Infantry IED
      Will kill the person who sets it off and injure most other squad members near him
  • Light Armor IED
      Will destroy vehicles up to apc types. Will track or destroy a tank, depending on how far away it is
  • Heavy Armor IED
      Will destroy all vehicles and cause lots of mayhem
The type of IED also determines what size the object it is hiding in is. Heavy Armor IEDs will be hidden in things like trash piles and wrecked vehicles. Infantry IEDs will be hidden in things like buckets and tires.

IEDs are set off based on speed and proximity. If you are horizontal velocity squared is higher than 2.8, and you are within 11 meters of it, you will set it off.
The IEDs can be disarmed if you have the appropriate items and are within 3 meters. If you fail while trying to disarm an IED, you will set it off.

Installation / Usage:
Adding the script to your mission file is pretty simple, all you need to do is put the folder into your mission folder and add the following to your init.sqf:
[] spawn {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "EPD\Ied_Init.sqf";};
And copy the following into your description.ext:
class CfgFunctions {
    #include "EPD\EPDcfgFunctions.hpp"

More detailed instructions how to use this script in your own missions can be found in this post

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Known issues:
Sometimes the IEDs will spawn behind a wall.
Deactivating a charge near an IED will set off the IED.

Credits & Thanks:
It is based off of the original work from Tankbuster (tky IED kit addon & script) and Mantls's update on that (Roadside IED).

- Triggers are now created and deleted as they are needed to reduce the strain on the server. Only IEDs with a soldier or vehicle within 250 meters of them will have a trigger actively checking for victims.
- Fixed the "bucket bug". This should remove the lag the explosions were creating on servers with more than a few players. Special thanks to serjames
- Smoke plumes now travel much faster.
- Reduced the number of plumes for each IED:
Small IED: 0-7
Medium IED: 5-19
Large IED: 15-34
- Rocks are now flung a little bit farther so you can see them outside of the smoke.
- Other small particle tweaks.
- Fixed shrapnel logic so it produces different amounts based on the size of the IED. (The code was in the wrong order in the last release, causing it to produce the same amount for every IED)

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