Author: Dimitri_Harkov
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Requirements: Community Base addons, Arma 2

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Guerra do Ultramar for Arma 2:CO covers the little known war Portugal fought in its oversea provinces of Angola, Guinea and Mozambique against several local liberation movements from 1961-1974.

Date: 2014-01-04 19:20

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Guerra do Ultramar


Guerra do Ultramar for Arma 2:CO covers the little known war Portugal fought in its oversea provinces of Angola, Guinea and Mozambique against several local liberation movements from 1961-1974.
This war of small units that cover vast distances seems to be perfectly suited for the ArmA engine.
The conflict combines an interesting era (1960s/70s) with a very unique mix of assets, that range from WW I vintage to then-modern equipment.
I tried to create a package that offers many possibilities on a hopefully AI friendly and well performing map.

- 7 factions (Portugal, MPLA, UNITA, FNLA, PAIGC, FRELIMO, Mercenaries)
- plus 'generic' regular liberation army soldiers and guerillas
- a unique and diverse collection of equipment for many gameplay options
- Terra Atormentada: an African map, about 55 km² in size
- Weapon Rest, Artillery, Logistics and Suppression modules
- ASR_AI, JSRS and ACRE support
- open world coop mission 'Operation Pacification' (scales with player numbers, high replayability)
- 3 sided Team King of the Hill mission (even playable alone thanks to optional AI support)

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Included files:


Credits & Thanks:
created by Dimitri_Harkov
vilas: practically all units, weapons and vehicles unless noted otherwise
waxbutter: jeep, gmc, samples, vegetation, buildings, general advice & help
Xeno426 - some weapon icons & wikipedia: weapon source pics
icewindo: elements from his orphaned Post Apocalypse Units (his credits include: Johannes for ArmA1 SF mlod)
trouble: fox and ferret
foxy: numerous scripts & general assistance
Pedro Caparros: original Fiat G.91 model & textures (the pilot view cockpit is an A10 cockpit by BIS)
BIS: sample models, great game series, see the enlcosed licences for details.
ObmaR: permission to port and reskin his Puma 330 versions
from Bushwars Conflict mod (Original credits: ObmaR, DigiA, Ou Matroos, FALCON 1) - rest in peace buddy
Ebud: Some reskins have been done using Ebud's Soldier Uniform Patterns. Thanks for sharing your great template!
BlueFox/Korgen.Info: Portuguese Vertical Lizard Camo based on work by BlueFox/Korgen.Info
Kju/PvPscene: for pointing me to the right direction numerous times when I was close to getting mad & numerous PvPscene tweaks
my wife: for sharing me with the ArmA series with patience
Rygugu: original m60 tank
slatts: original rifle grenade model - not used, but it was an inspiration
hcPookie: boats
babylonJoke: original m2a3 ap mine base model & texture, Thompson SMG, Bazooka
Unsung: this awesome mod inspired me to get Babylon's AP mines and to script them inspired by the Unsung
Timothy McHugh: DIH_SE sound, general help and advice
Hell in the Pacific (HIP): I had to let 'em alone a bit for this mod
Steven's Balagan ( - awesome resource site on (among lots of other stuff) the PCW flag fabric texture
Gnat: Cessna 185 Skywagon, Original model by JR Lucariny (pbo included without changes)
Solus: slx_anim_at_lying & slx_anim_pistolcivil
q1184: his weapon rest feature was the inspiration for my original one
bon_inf*: BON AIS system, BON loadout system (modified) Testing & Support
Tophe: vehicle respawn script (modified)
Gigan: Gcam 1.13
Robalo: disable cursortext
NouberNou: map plus/map tools (modified)
Dslyecxi: STHUD
FuzzySquirrel, commander566: Remington shotgun
Shezan74: World Tools
Marseille77: P1 pistol
BWC mod: ObmaR's Alouette II & III (additional credits: DigiA, Ou Matroos, FALCON 1)
MLV Mod Cazadores de Monte together with CBFASI from Ofp in the Flk & CimaleX: Mauser, Flare Gun, Clansman Radio
LODU: SCR-300 Radio, Quico cap
Adumb: VW bug
CheyenneAh56 (port)/ & André Chancel (Original textures & Models): Fouga CM-170 Magister (pbo included without changes)
Petrtlach/CSA38: Kar98k versions & MP-28
Joffre257, Macolik/I44 team, Waxbutter/HIP team: ambient voice scripts loosely based on their joint work
Pedro 'gammadust' Soares & Kiki: Portuguese Voice samples
Shuko: SHK_GraveDigger: no longer used, but it was an awesome & zGuba: Module Improvement Project
Special Thanks to Forgotten Hope Warzone ( for continued support and testing
Many thanks to all contributors - this is a real community project
(Note: There are some things included in the credits that are not in the mod yet)

- first release

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