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Date: 2009-08-25 16:52

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SimHQ ArmA Coop Pack
SimHQ design team

This pack contains two folders. One folder is the HD units we used for about 33% of our missions. These add-ons go into the add-on folder.
The other folder is almost 150 missions all made by the SimHQ design team for our server, before moving to ArmA2. These all go into your mpmissions folder.

Most of these missions, especially the larger ones, are broken down into fire teams. The reason for this is that not only does the US Army infantry unit focus around the individual fire team, but in game it allows a squad leader to take charge of the mission as a whole, and leave it up to the fire team leaders to decide how best to use and deploy there troops.

This is also helpful if you don’t have enough human players to fill up the mission, but still want to play it. A human player can take the lead of a fire team, and control his AI fire team members.

Just remember, fire teams work to support each other, there not their own fighting unit. While one fire team suppresses an enemy, the other fire team is working to flank and destroy that same enemy.

Copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\MPMissions (installation) folder.

Credits and Thanks:
A very special thanks to Wepps, the main designer and mission maker for SimHQ. A special thanks to Guod, owner and operator of SimHQ.

And a special thanks to all the SimHQ community members who show up a couple of nights a week for some of the best, most tactical gameplay around.

Thanks to all who was involved with the SimHQ ArmA1 server and missions.

Doug (SimHQ owner and operator)
Wepps (Chief mission designer and server admin)
Adlabs (Mission designer and server admin)
Dec, Biff, and Fatty (Mission design team)

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