Coop missions released by Phantom Six

Phantom Six released two new cooperative missions for Arma 2: Combined Operations in the BI forums. Do not forget to check the requirements for each mission in the download page.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    Hey guys, I've been making a few missions, but I was thinking of waiting for them all to be ready and good to go before releasing them packs by packs of 10 or something, but waiting for that would be too long. I decided to release each mission that is ready one by one in singles instead and I shall post them here.

    List of Missions:
    • Chilling in the Dark: You are a group of resistance chilling in a private island away from the war in Everon partying, drinking, and feasting until... Colonel Shepard decides to disturb your peace.

    • Oggy Men: A group of Talibans armed with lots of OG-7s attack guerillas of Hazar Kot. All they got are Lee-Enfields and.... lots of OG7s to bombard the guerilla fighters.

Written on 2014-02-04 08:54 by Phantom Six  

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