SP mission : [RWO] DIH Strela! 1973 by CimaleX

CimaleX released a new singleplayer mission pack following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative in the BI forums.

    Quote CimaleX :
    SA-7 Strela! - Operation Rio Cacheu, a PAIGC guerrilla mission in Guinea Bissau, September 1973.
    The plan is rather articulated and hazardous, PAIGC gerrillas have to infiltrate into Portuguese controlled territory in the area of Farim, along the Rio Cacheu with two squads of five men each, onboard two Zodiac rafts.
    After an intensive training by soviet and Chinese advisors, the PAIGC group task is to infiltrate the area of Farim and strike the main Portuguese FOB that controls the rural area plantations road.
    Their duty is to carry ten men deep inside enemy territory, avoid detection and strike the Portuguese camp, where they keep an infantry garrison and almost two-three Alouette helicopters.
    These helicopters as well as G-91 fast jets are a real nightmare for PAIGC units in this area and in whole Guinea Bissau in general, because they are a constant and deadly nightmare for guerrilla cadres and supply camps, that have to be moved constantly.

Written on 2014-02-06 07:47 by cimaleXXI  

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