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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: now you can make every object be a jukebox! With your custom songs!

Date: 2014-02-20 19:57

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Your Custom Jukebox


This is for everyone who wants to improve his mission with a little bonification: a jukebox!
It adds some radio stations to your mission and declare some objects as jukeboxes!
In multiplayer you can listen to the same music at same time.

Enjoy your own music, ingame!

- every object can be a jukebox
- switch on/off and change channels
- use your custom music
- sound follows moving vehicles declared as jukeboxes
- now also multiplayer-synchro for dedicated servers ! (coop not tested)

Installation / Usage:
1. put all the content besides this file in the folder of your mission
2. add several folders into the RADIOCHANNELS folder to have some different radiochannels. name them as you like. place your custom songs INTO the generated folders.
3. execute the "createsonglist.jar", 3 txt files will appear, open these files and follow their instructions.
4. execute arma 3 , go to the editor and open your mission. then:
place a GameLogic and write this in its init-line:
and now for each object you want to declare as a jukebox (still into the init-line of the GameLogic):
hndl = [name_of_your_object] execVM "RADIO\radioInit.sqf";
whereas name_of_your_object is replaced by the word which is written in the NAME-line of the object you placed somewhere else in the world.
5. the music files have to be in .ogg format
6. have fun

Known issues:
- if you get in a vehicle declared as jukebox, you can only listen to the music in third person view properly
- tracks start always at the beginning

This is the beta (or even the alpha?) stadium. I'll work on certain issues, if you have questions, pm to me!

Credits & Thanks:
sapiensl for testing

- all-in-one version, works in singleplayer, coop multiplayer and on dedicated servers

- is now working also for coop multiplayer (not just dedicated)

v0.9 beta
- first public release

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