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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core

Version: 0.5 beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This gives you two versions of the Mikojan-Guriewicz MiG-21 MF "Fishbed-J"

Date: 2014-02-07 10:32

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Mikojan-Guriewicz MiG-21 MF "Fishbed-J"


I made this addon since I wanted to have the most commonly known soviet fighter from "cold war" era in Arma 2 to play it with friends on our server. I started working on it app. three weeks ago after I received permission from its author. The addon was made through conversion of amazing Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF for FSX and then I found a lot of great liveries for it so I decided to include them in the package and lunched e-mails "attack"s on their authors to get their permissions. The conversion was not hard as the base model was created in straight and intelligent way. I do not have to present the aircraft itself for Arma players, I guess, so enjoy!

- two versions of armament: Air-to-Air and Ground Attack
- 42 camouflages from 20 countries: Czech Republic / Czechoslovakia (8); Russia (5); East Germany (4); Slovakia (3); Poland (3); North Vietnam (2); Syria (2); Hungary (3); Finland (1); West Germany (1); Serbia (1); Croatia (1); Libya (1); Iraq (1); Cuba (1); Bulgaria (1); Angola (1); Indie (1); Egypt (1); Takistan (1).
- static wreck model + destroyed model,
- wing vapor, crossing sound barrier and wing trails effects
- custom complex landing gear animation (27 parts) including working dampers
- stick, throttle, gear and flap levers as well as ejection handle animations
- exhaust flames and afterburner animations / effects
- canopy and drag chute animations
- "hide" type animations of different parts of the aircraft for your own purposes
- quite precise indicating flight instruments and warning lamps - all working except HSI, ILS and Mach indicators
- adjustable gunsight (A2G <-> A2A <-> Off)
- addon compatible with ACE2 (required for enhanced functionality!) and EASA: for A2A you can change weapon on 4 rails, for A2G - on2 rails, only russion-made weapons are available in EASA
- mix of sounds, mainly from Mig15 and Mig23
- to learn more about units and animations class names refer to extensive readme, with pictures included

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

For more information please refer to Mig21MF_readme.pdf. Virtual pilots and mission makers will find useful data there.

Known issues:
- sometimes AI pilot cannot land on an airbase for unknown reason
- AI pilot cannot use afterburner and deploy drag chute
- after respawning on ground the aircraft has initially retracted gear and it takes 7 sec to automatically deploy it
- drag chute is for eye candy only atm and does not affect deceleration of the aircraft, also you have to manually remove the drag chute by using action "Release drag chute".
- usage of static wreck causes pop-up of an error of lack of ladder in config.cpp.

To do:
- custom seat ejection animation and effects
- custom damage system based on EHs and scripts
- more liveries including WOC, Molotian, Lingor East/West and Guerillas ones
- improvement of armament, adding other weapons and pods
- improvement of drag chute animation and effect
- custom sound

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks goes to Ivan Jurcaga, who gave me permission for conversion of this aircraft into Arma game. Also I would like to say "thank you" for all persons involved, including contribute texture artists and those who helped me during the conversion and, generally speaking, for all hard work you put in addons for A2/A3 community:
- Ivan Jurcaga - external model and cockpit, textures, (
- Peter Priskin - base cockpit
- Kendy Schwarz - repaints
- Zsolt Beleznay - repaints
- Bjoern Kesten - repaints
- Carlo “Soulfreak” Vecchi - decals of repaints
- Stefano Zibell - repaints
- Jindrich Barta - repaints
- Rafał Stankiewicz "YoYo" - repaints (
- Łukasz Kacprzykowski - repaints
- Francis Jacquet - repaints
- Jens-Ole Kjolberg - repaints
- Josip Vrbosic - repaints
- Bozo Mrsulja - repaints
- Hani Michal - repaints
- Dag Roger Stangeland - master textures used by some of the texture artists
- Lethal / Gnat - scripting
- Slideroy - scripting
- Franze - scripting
- mukcep - annuciators lamp idea from MiG23
- PROTOTYPE 001, -Martin-, Richard Thorne & VictorFarbau - exhaust idea from MiG15, sound

License & Notes:
The addon was made by me through conversion of FSX model by Ivan Jurcaga / Peter Priskin / Kendy Schwarz as well as work of others (numerous liveries for the model). The addon was created for use in Arma 2 OA w/ ACE game only and is provided "as-is", however it should also work on vanilla A2OA (tested). You are not allowed to make money in any way for the addon. Commercial and military usage of this addon is also prohibited. Whole addon is freeware which means that you get it for free, however it cannot be freely modified without prior permissions given by authors of the model and parts of the addon. The addon cannot be also reverse engineered in any way (due to various authors copyrights) and must be distributed as a whole package, including this readme. If you want to use part of the addon in your own application, please get written permissions from me and appropriate authors. You are not allowed to convert the addon into or use it in other games. I, and all authors involved, are not responsible in any way for damage this addon may cause to your computer and yourself, especially we are not responsible for any physical and psychological illnesses you may come down with while playing this addon. If you do not agree with above terms of usage, please do not download the addon or just delete it from your computer if you had already downloaded that.

v0.5 beta
- first public release

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- BI forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core

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