Coop mission : Hürtgenwald, Part 1 by SAN

SAN released in the BI forums the first mission of a new series based on the WW2 conflict between autumn 1944 and spring 1945.

    Quote SAN :
    For the Americans, it was the loss richest fight in the European theatre of war. It was only in February 1945 succeeded the U.S. Army to overcome the German defenses and further advance to the Rhine. Since many of the German officers and soldiers, who at that time had created or site plans fell, after the fighting, there were no records on the location or size of the minefields. In addition, glass refills (Glassmine 43) and wood mines were more widely used, which also made it impossible for a complete evacuation, as these with conventional detection devices (metal detecting probes) are undetectable. It is therefore extremely dangerous, in those areas until today, to stay off the marked trails or hiking trails.

    Somewhere in Hurt-genwald . . .

Written on 2014-02-14 07:45 by SAN  

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