Guide: Manual Bombing by 87th_Neptune
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87th_Neptune submitted his Manual Bombing Guide which he originally released on the BI forums.
Two video examples of using this technique can be found on the downloadpage.

    Quote 87th_Neptune :
    When we don't have the luxury of Laser Designation or CCIP and CCRP modes of a Fire control computer, you have to do it the old fashioned way. Like in the first two world wars!

    I came up with the idea of writing this manual when I saw many people on Public servers, squad coop missions and on YouTube, flying extremely low and diving far to steep. Just to get their bombs on target. What happend? They put them selves in range of small arms fire and left them selves no room to evade anti-air missiles. Some even killed all their maneuvering room, slamming into the ground amd/or tree tops.

    By working on this manual I was able to confirm ArmA's bomb physics ARE indeed correct unlike some state...
    The bombs as described in the manual follow a glide path wich is exactly the one from the Mk-82 in a standard atmosphere and so my release parameter table from real life IS usable.
    Bombs do act strange when released from very low speeds. (Under 100 km/h) But since that never problem.

    Hopefully people will read this manual and start correct practice. Then soon I hope these silly performances will eventually disappear from the Arma 3 community.

    • GBU38's physics is off > removed from Manual release table
    • Added level delivery table for both GBU12 and GBU38
    • Added LGB delivery parameters

Written on 2014-03-07 15:12 by Crielaard  

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