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One plays the soldier of a supplying team in Lebanon in the year 2014 as private Chris Redfield.
The Near East is under the protection of the blue helmets and unfortunately up to this time still no power succeeded to get government control and peace into this area.
Therefore a careful procedure is in this region of all-highest priority.

On a beautiful morning with a wonderful sunrise, you are tasked to move to a city close to the border to supply the locals with food, water and other primairies. By accident you and your men suddenly find yourselves in an ambush of the Israeli army which, obviously, was meant for Hezbollah fighter's.
The Israeliļæ½s want to clean the city of Hezbollah, who have increased their attacks on Israeli civilians from this area again. The Canadian blue helmets, present in the area refuse to abandone the hurt civilians and soldiers.
The situation intensifies, cause the Canadians want the hurt UN-soldiers and the civilians out of the area first. Some screams, an Isreali shoots and before you know it the Canadians are returning fire against the Israeli.
At the edge of war, it is the task of you and your fellow soldiers to make sure both parties do not get in a full scale war.

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