Bundeswehr Mod

The BWMod has decided not to release standalone addons, but instead release 1 compleet Armed Assault addon. This in fact means they will release a basismod and with future patches they will add more content (e.g. weapons, vehicles and missions) with patches.

The basismod is about a fictiv campagne in Montenegro.

Balkan Crisis:

In 2009 the U.N. led negotations about the future of the Kosovo are coming to the end.
Under strong protest of the serbian delegation it becomes clearer and clearer Kosovo will become completely independent from Serbia.

As 3 years earlier Montenegro declared itself independend from Serbia and converged for a membership in the EU, the EU demanded a full demilitarization of the former VS (Serbian Army) troops located in montenegrian territory.
To observe and enforce this, the EU deployed the DAOFOR (Disarmament Observation Force) which also included 240 soldiers of the german Bundeswehr.
These soldiers were based on the island of Titovo and ordered to observe the withdrawal of a VS brigade.

However things get worse in Serbia and nationalistic groups win several elections in a row.
In secret they plan to uprise the serbs all over the balkan. In september 2009 , supported by special forces of the serbian army and paramilitary groups installations in Bosnia , Croatia ,Kosovo and Montenegro are destroyed by local serbian minorities aiming to form a great serbian state. Soon the serbian army oppenly supports these groups.
Suddenly the german unit faces an enemy which outnumbers them in both numbers and equipement and must fight their way out of the hotzone while all over the balkan NATO forces battle with the serbian army.

More screenshots from this projects can be viewed here.

The BWMod team has updated their website with more information of what we can find in the mod.
  • weapons
    • MG4
    • DM51
    • DM51A1
  • Vehicles
    • UH-1D Huey
    • Panzerhaubitze 2000

More screenshots from this projects can be viewed here.

The BWMod team is also looking for additional members:
  • Betatesters
  • Missiondesigners
  • Modellers
  • Skinners
  • Sound artists

For more information (German) check their jobs page

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