Author: Mossarelli
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Version: 1.0

Short description: Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting with all known ArmA 3 functions (including the BIS_fnc functions & CBA). Code block folding is also supported.

Date: 2014-04-02 23:11

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Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting

Nicolas & GossamerSolid & Sanjo & Mossarelli

Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting with all known ArmA 3 functions (including the BIS_fnc functions & CBA). Code block folding is also supported.
This is an edit of Nicolas & GossamerSolid & Sanjo's old Syntax Highlightning that I later on updated with GossamerSolid's functions from BIS and then added CBA functions to it.
The large difference on this syntax is that it's most compatible with dark notepad++ themes like Mono Industrial and has a complete rainbow colored highlight.
You will most likely think it's an awful syntax highlight at first, but my syntax high lightning has helped me decode scripts from Xeno and ACRE team with ease. It's strength being the image imprint it creates in your memory so that you can quickly skim through lines of code and know exactly where you want to edit.
Some what inspired from the Mass Effect 2 minigame "Hacking".

  • Common styles:
      Global Variables and Functions: Green.
      Local Variables and Functions (_x and _forEachIndex): Dark Blue with Black Highlight (Prefix: _)
      Syntax Structure: Red on Black.
      Arma commands: Purple on Black.
      BIS and CBA Functions: Yellow on Black.
      Call, Compile, Format, Spawn, ExecVM, Exec, ExecFSM, PreprocessFiles, private: Red on Black.
      Custom Keyword: Light Blue on Black.
  • Variable Types:
      Strings: Light Purple on dark Grey.
      Single Quote Strings: Orange and black.
      Numbers: Orange and Bold.
      Operators: Yellow on Black.

Syntax Highlighting:
Open Notepad++. Click in the menu on: "Language -> Define your own Language -> Import" and import the file "syntaxhighlighting/ArmAScript.xml".

How to modify styles:
You can modify the styles via "Language -> Define your own Language". Select "sqf5" (under "User language").

BIS_fnc_ is not defined as a keyword?
For future compatibility and to not have to update the script highlighting, any prefix that starts with BIS_fnc_ and CBA_fnc_ will automatically highlight. Make sure you spell the functions right because you can't tell.

Make your own keyword group for personalized functions/variables:
7th keyword group is predefined with a user style already. Just put your name_variable_ that you will use as global variables there or your name_fnc_ for functions and they will automatically highlight your personalized variables and functions.

Known issues:
Sometimes in nested code inside quote marks, symbols stop being highlighted as intended. (In order to fix, go to the User Defined Language dialog, to the tab "Operators & Delimiters" and remove the checkboxes under nesting for all styles. (Depending on how advanced your scripts are (call compile format :D), you might want to activate this on a later date.))
Numbers, operators or symbols sometimes get the same style as delimiters. (Remove Curly brackets from Folding and add the symbols to Operators 1 if you don't care about folding. Otherwise, put a space before delimiter and after.

Credits & Thanks:
Originally By: Nicolas
- GossamerSolid
- Sanjo -
Based on this version: Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion

- Added BIS_fnc and CBA_fnc as prefix keywords.

- Notepad++

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